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10 Facts to know from NFL Week 7

Pick up Tyler Bass (coming off a bye) for the upcoming week if you can.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

***The following stats are as of Sunday night. Eviscerate the editor for the posting delay.***

On this day in history about 100 years ago, Albert B. Fall (Secretary of Interior) was found guilty of accepting a bribe from Edward Doheny of the Pan-American Petroleum and Transport Company as part of the Teapot Dome Scandal. Edward gave Albert Hall a $100,000 interest free ‘loan’ and in return wanted oil lease from the Elk Hills naval oil reserve in California. More broadly, the Teapot Dome scandal unveiled an unprecedented level of greed and corruption from the US Government.

My recent mind-bending realization is that the Super Bowl contending Chiefs might struggle to make the playoffs as Patrick Mahomes II continues to decrease in QBR each week...

  1. Patrick Mahomes II had his first full game without a TD since joining the Chiefs.
  2. Patrick Mahomes II has now thrown an interception in six consecutive games.
  3. Ja’Marr Chase was the 2nd youngest wide receiver to have a 200-yard receiving game.
  4. Matt Ryan has thrown for 300+ yards in his last two games. His 336 yards were the 2nd most this week behind Joe Burrow. This is the third time Ryan has had back-to-back 300+ yard games in the last two years.
  5. Teams are four teams with multiple 100-yard rushers this season: Chicago (Montgomery and Herbert), Cleveland (Johnson and Chubb), Dallas (Elliott and Pollard), and Minnesota (Mattison and Cook).
  6. These teams have zero 100-yard rushers this season: NYG, DET, WAS, PHI, NYJ, BUF, ATL, MIA, TB, and HOU.
  7. Kyle Pitts’ 163 yards in Week 7 were the most by any tight end this year in a single game. He did NOT register a touchdown in this effort.
  8. The number of defensive players with an interception has gone down for three consecutive weeks. 25 different players had an interception in Week 5, down to 22 in Week 6, and 19 in Week 7.
  9. Kyler Murray has a completion percentage of 73.5%, the highest among qualifying quarterbacks in the NFL.
  10. Coming off a bye week, Tyler Bass (Buffalo’s kicker) has the most points per game of any kicker. He might be available in your league...