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Nolan Arenado is traded to the St. Louis Cardinals


Oakland Athletics v Colorado Rockies Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

I suppose we can dispense with the Arenado “rumors” bit now, as this move is expected to be official soon enough:

Fantasy Impact

If this one goes through, at least it will remove the wondering about whether or not Arenado will be traded this year. And not that you were banking on him, but this should mean the end of 35-year-old Matt Carpenter as a regular for St. Louis, what with Tommy Edman and Paul DeJong handling the middle infield, and Paul Goldschmidt locking down first base.

The even more actionable news might be who takes over third base in Colorado, though. If Ryan McMahon slides over, does Garrett Hampson get an everyday shot at the keystone? Does Brendan Rodgers finally make good on his long potential? What say you, folks? Who benefits? Of course, we may have to wait and see what players Colorado gets in stay tuned!