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MLB Trade Rumors: Hanley Ramirez to the Red Sox?

CBSSports Jon Heyman is reporting that the Red Sox are "trying hard" to sign both Pablo Sandoval AND Hanley Ramirez.

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It was reported earlier last week that the Red Sox had made a 6 year, $110-120 million offer to starting pitcher Jon Lester. Then on Friday, we heard they had made a 5 year, $95 million offer to free agent third baseman Pablo Sandoval.

Well, according to CBS Sports Jon Heyman, the Red Sox are trying hard to sign both Sandoval and former Dodgers shortstop Hanley Ramirez. Here is what Heyman wrote earlier today:

The Boston Red Sox are trying hard for a huge free agent double play, as they are involved with not only Pablo Sandoval but also Hanley Ramirez, according to sources.

The Red Sox are known to be in the middle of talks for star third baseman Sandoval, and after remaining in contact with Ramirez since as far back as the GM meetings, they are believed to be possibly moving toward an agreement with the star shortstop.

The Red Sox could even make it a triple play if they are able to lure both those positional stars, plus their former ace Jon Lester, who they are also talking to.

After ridding themselves of long term contracts two years ago, it appears the Red Sox are more willing to add contracts this offseason, as all three of these free agents will cost close to, or more, than $100 million.

As Heyman indicates, it is unclear where Hanley would play if the Red Sox did sign him, but I assume it would be in the outfield. Or, it is possible, as I tweeted earlier this morning, that teams that lose out on Sandoval could move on to signing Hanley.

Should Ramirez sign with the Red Sox, his fantasy value will improve, as he would be moving from Dodger Stadium to Fenway Park, so we could see his stats improve across the board in 2015. If he does sign with the Red Sox, I would move him up in my 2015 shortstop rankings.

For more on the possibility of Pablo Sandoval signing with the Red Sox, check out the link below, written by new Fake Teams fantasy baseball writer, Rob Parker.

Panda in Beantown?

For more on these possible moves, check out the Red Sox fan reaction over at Over the Monster, SB Nation's Red Sox fan site.

Update: 11/23/2014 8:09pm

Not sure what to make of this, but the guy who had details of the Giancarlo Stanton contract before anyone is tweeting that Hanley Ramirez is signing with the Red Sox:

Where does he play, and if it's in the outfield, what do the Red Sox do with Yoenis Cespedes, Allen Craig, Daniel Nava, and Shane Victorino? Whataever they do, it sounds like they have more deals in the works. Possibly for Phillies ace Cole Hamels?

Update: 8:58pm

Enrique Rojas, via Joon Lee,  tweets that Hanley is willing to play almost anywhere in Boston:

Red Sox saying good bye to Mike Napoli?