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MLB Trade Rumors: Marlins, Giancarlo Stanton Talking Huge Contract

Will Giancarlo Stanton sign a long term deal with the Marlins?

Mike Ehrmann

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article saying the Marlins should trade outfielder Giancarlo Stanton to the Dodgers for Yasiel Puig. Whether you think Puig is enough return for Stanton is an argument for another day.

I admit, I always thought the Marlins were going to deal Stanton as he had already voiced his displeasure with the team a few times, the first was when the Marlins held a fire sale, a year after spending a boatload of cash in the free agent market in an effort to fill their new stadium the first year it was opened.

Well, the Marlins surprised almost everyone earlier today when it was reported by Fox Sport's Ken Rosenthal that they were discussing signing Stanton to a record $300 million contract.

Here is an excerpt from Rosenthal's piece:

Would Giancarlo Stanton turn down the biggest contract in professional sports history?

The Miami Marlins apparently intend to find out.

The two sides are discussing a deal that would be for at least 10 years and at least $300 million, according to major-league sources.

Stanton's representatives also have discussed shorter contracts with the Marlins, and the mere fact that the sides continue to talk is a sign of progress, sources say.

Again, they are discussing. Nothing is definitive, and we don't know the details of the offer, other than the rumored 10 years for $300 million. Stanton has two more years before he becomes a free agent, but it would have to be very difficult to turn down the biggest contract in prefessional sports history, right?

We all know how talented Stanton is, and we know he wants to win. Should the Marlins offer him this huge deal, how much money will they have to spend on players like Jose Fernandez, Christian Yelich and others to build a winner? Stanton wants to win. And make money.

According to ESPN, the Marlins payroll was around $46 million last season, ranking 29th in baseball, and most of their best players are young and cheap. How will they be able to support a winning team, with Stanton making near $30 million per year, with a low payroll?

Hey, I am not against the Marlins signing Stanton to a huge contract. I just question how they can build a winner around him with one player making around 50% ( my assumption) of their payroll, unless they more than double their payroll for the foreseeable future.

That begs the question: Will Stanton sign a long term deal with the Marlins?