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Fantasy Hockey 2012: Injury Report

Jonathan Toews, Blackhawks - All we know is that he's suffering from an upper-body injury. To add to that he, also got into a car accident but he seems to be fine from that. Some have speculated that he had a concussion but there hasn't been anything definitive released. They are saying that he may return this Wednesday but with little to no info on what is causing his ailment, you better keep your ear to the ground to see if that will be a sure thing or not come Wednesday.

Pavel Datsyuk, Red Wings - Out of nowhere, it was reported on Tuesday that Datsyuk will go through knee surgery and be out for two to three weeks. It seems it was a nagging injury but you wouldn't know it with his performance this season. It's a very smart move for the Wings but for you owners, you're out of luck until he returns. Shelf him but certainly don't dump him unless things get hairy with his recovery.

More injury news after the jump...

Nikolai Khabibulin, Oilers - He suffered a groin injury last Sunday and was scheduled to be out for at least a week. Now that it's a week later, he has begun skating recently and it's possible he may return on Monday, which conveniently happens to be the NHL Trade Deadline.

Josh Harding, Wild - It's not known what he injured or how severe but it is being labeled as a "tweak". He wasn't available on Thursday so we will see what happens soon.

Craig Anderson, Senators - He was cut in the hand while making dinner and it's was speculated that he suffered tendon damaged which could sideline him for two weeks. Now it seems that he might return sooner than that as long as he is able to hold his stick. We'll see what happens.

Victor Hedman, Lightning - He's suffered an upper-body injury on Saturday but we don't know the nature of the injury. Keep your ears open for more info.

Vincent Lecavalier, Lightning - He fractured his hand last week and it seems that he will be returning in about three weeks or by mid-March. Be sure to shelf him until more details are revealed in his recovery.

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