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Fantasy Hockey 2012: Saturday Starting Backup Goalies

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Less games than usual and not much news so far this morning...

Corey Crawford, Blackhaws vs. Blue Jackets - I know he's labeled the #1 goalie but with the way both he and Ray Emery have been playing lately, I figured to give you a heads up. He's done a good job in six starts against the Jackets but with both teams struggling mightily, I can only favor Crawford slightly over whoever is starting for Columbus. But still, blech.

Kevin Poulin, Islanders vs. Hurricanes - He's only started once against the Canes and won against them. Still, with the Islanders having to dig deep pick a starting goaltender and with very little experience, he's a good definition of a wild card. Play him at your own risk.

UNCONFIRMED Confirmed but I hope you didn't start him. (Oops)

Josh Harding, Wild vs. Blues - There are rumblings that Harding might start thanks to his excellent track record against the Blues when compared to Niklas Backstrom. The game doesn't start until 2 PM EST so there's still a couple of hours left to report but just in case you have Harding in daily transaction leagues, you might want to have him ready.

Be sure to check back later before 7 PM EST for any updates on backup goalies starting today! Also follow us on Twitter at @FakeTeams and @MattPTurner!