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Tout Wars Experts Mixed League

This section will be home to the regular update pieces communicating how I am faring in the Tout Wars Experts Mixed League in 2013.

Tout Wars NL-only Auction Recap

Ray recaps his 2016 Tout Wars auction draft results with his thought process before and during the draft.

Tout Wars Auction Weekend

Ray has a busy weekend in store for him with the NL Tout Wars auction on Sunday morning at 10am.

Quick Thoughts on LABR AL Auction Draft Results

Ray offers some thoughts on the LABR AL only experts league auction held on Saturday night in Phoenix, Arizona.

2016 LABR AL only Draft Results

The expert league drafts are upon us, and tonight the LABR AL only experts league auction takes place in Arizona.

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How Chris Liss ran away with AL Tout Wars

2014 Tout Wars Auction Analysis: Lesson Learned

Ray analyzes his Tout Wars mixed league auction roster and explains how he changed his strategy mid-draft on Saturday afternoon.

Tout Wars Draft Weekend: Follow drafts live

The Tout Wars experts league drafts are this weekend in New York City, and you can follow the drafts live here.

Tout Wars Mixed League Draft Results Analysis

Ray offers some thoughts on the Tout Wars mixed online league draft that took place on Tuesday night.

Tout Wars Mixed Online Draft: Follow Live at 7pm

The Tout Wars mixed online draft is tonight at 7pm ET. Follow it live here.

My Tout Wars Experts League Draft Results

Ray Guilfoyle discusses the draft results of his first Tout Wars Experts league draft from Monday night.

Tout Wars Mixed League Draft: The Participants

Ray Guilfoyle discusses the Tout Wars mixed league draft he will be participating in later this evening, including the participants and league structure.