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Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Coming up with a good name for your fantasy team is one of the most critical decisions you can make for the rest of the year. It can strike fear in the hearts of your opponents, or at least make them chuckle every time they see it in the standings. Either way, it'll become your ID badge for the rest of the league -- wear it like a badge of honor!

Of course, not all of us are as creative or witty as everyone else, so on the heels of all of the great suggestions from February's inaugural baseball team name contest, we will host a permanent and growing list of user-submitted baseball names.

All names will be credited to the first user that submitted it If you'd like to submit more ideas, pass your suggestions to and they will be considered and added at the earliest convenience. If you simply add them to the previous post, I may or may not actually notice, so you're best bet is to use the email.

(While I can't claim to be the complete authority on what's funny, interesting and/or tasteful, there has to be some sort of moderation involved, so I reserve the right to use and discard suggestions as I see fit.)

Some of my favorite suggestions are in BOLD.

Names using player names

Cuckoo 4 Coco Crisp (by NedYostCoast2Coast)
The DeJesus Lizard (by NedYostCoast2Coast)
Exiles on Huston Street (by WillieMcGeeModelingCompany)
Fire in the Pujols (by NedYostCoast2Coast)
Garvey's My Daddy (by SABRjoe)
The I?igo Montoyaz (by NedYostCoast2Coast)
Hayward Sex Machines (by DMtShooter)
Jeters Never Prosper (by SABRjoe)
The Jim Hendry Experience (by SABRjoe)
Kruk's Nut (by Lemonhead)
The Legend of Ron Belliard (by SABRjoe)
My Brogna Has A First Name, It's R-I-C-O (by SABRjoe)
Neifi Perez School of Hitting (by SABRjoe)
Nomar F------ Around (by SABRjoe)
OK Niedenfuer (by WillieMcGeeModelingCompany)
Piazza and Beer (by SABRjoe)
Shriveled Barrys (by Jake)
Tae Kwon Oquendo (by WillieMcGeeModelingCompany)
Trailer Park Chan Hos (by DMtShooter)
What Would DeJesus Do? (by SABRjoe)

Just plain funny/witty/interesting names

Balled and Beautiful (by jimmacow14)
Bandwagon Captain (by, surprise, Bandwagon Captain)
The Big Med Machine (by DMtShooter)
Fake and Bake (by MonkMojo)
Honor and Offer (by Jake)
The Mighty Doormats (by Anonymous Hero)
The Parisian Nightsuits (by NedYostCoast2Coast)
People Will Come Ray (by brock20)
Scoring Daily (by jimmacow14)
Show-me Homies (by acr)
Squirrels Gone Wild (by Jake)
Swedish Meatballs (by jimmacow14)
The Tom Emansky All-Stars (by Anonymous Hero)

Names for the stat-heads

I'm Bill James, Bitch (by brian39)
DIPS Hits (by higherpie)
JoeMorgonHatesCPUs (by Jake)
PECOTA Sunrise (by acr)
VORP Sense of Humor (by SABRjoe)
In 2007, Fake Teams ran the contest again. This is the link. Fake Teams Best Fantasy Baseball Team Names Contest