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Fantasy Baseball Thoughts

Fake Teams keeps you up to date on the latest fantasy news that could impact you on draft day.

A Fantasy Baseball Resumé

I decided to have some fun today and come up with a hypothetical resumé for a fantasy baseball player, as if they were using that experience to apply for a real job. Enjoy!

My Two Biggest Fantasy Baseball Mistakes of 2016

Why, oh why, did I break up with Adam Duvall and Jake Lamb after last season?

"Your" Fantasy Baseball Players are Human - And May Act That Way

When studying statistics and trends, sometimes it's hard to remember that the players are also emotional human beings.

Is April Too Early to Make a Significant Fantasy Trade?

Is April Too Early to Make a Significant Fantasy Trade?

Shelby Miller: How good are you?

Shelby Miller, ace pitcher or belly itcher?

Yoenis Cespedes is officially back

June has been a fun month for the Athletics outfielder.

Chris Carter's power is fool's gold

Don't be fooled by players like the Astros' Chris Carter.

Xander Bogaerts becoming an elite shortstop

Xander Bogaerts has picked up right where he left off last season, and he's outperforming most of the usual top producers at his position. Can he keep it up?

Chris Archer will be OK

Don't worry everyone. Chris Archer will be fine.

Can Seth Smith produce more than just a good OPS?

Smith has quietly put up impressive numbers this season, but circumstance could limit his fantasy value.

What to expect from Justin Upton

Justin Upton is off to an eerily similar start to his 2013 season, putting together a fantastic month of April before falling off in May. But does that mean fantasy owners should condemn him?

Avoid the temptation to sell high on Chase Utley

Utley is reverting back to his 2009 self, and he's doing it in a year that's seen a lack of depth at the second base position, despite the emergence of several breakout performers. Selling high on the Phillies second baseman could be your biggest mis

Don't write off Jason Heyward just yet

Jason Heyward has yet to live up to his once-endless potential, and he may never do so. But that doesn't mean he can't produce for your fantasy team.

NL only Auction Results: Limiting Risk

Ray discusses the results of his NL only keeper league auction from Friday night in NYC.

105 Bold, Fearless and Insane MLB Predictions

One prediction for each year since my beloved Cubs have won the World Series. Enjoy!

A Look Back at my 30 Bold Predictions for 2013: NL

Ray takes a look back at his 30 bold predictions from 2013, including bold predictions on Matt Harvey, Ryan Howard, Hanley Ramirez and others.

The 20-20 Club has some new members

Ray takes a look at the hitters who joined the 20 home run - 20 stolen base club in 2013.

Trade Strategy: Buy High, Sell Low

Want to trade for the next R.A. Dickey or Jose Bautista? Then check out the latest market inefficiency, buying high and selling low.

A Minor Hurdle

Brian Creagh asks whether Mike Minor can ever be the dominant pitcher that his arsenal suggests he could be.

Is Carl Crawford A Sell High Candidate?

A closer look at potential production levels for Carl Crawford and at what point he stops being useful for fantasy owners

NL-Only fantasy thoughts

Ray Guilfoyle offers his thoughts on some NL-only players on Opening Day 2013.

The Perfect Tout Wars Rosters

Tout Wars held their AL and NL auctions this past weekend, which means another attempt at building the perfect roster in each league is in order.

ST Thoughts: Wright, Greinke, Rendon and Others

Ray Guilfoyle offers some thoughts on recent news involving David Wright, Zack Greinke and others.

ST Thoughts:Kershaw, Teixeira, Fujikawa and Others

Ray Guilfoyle takes a look at the recent news on Clayton Kershaw, Mark Teixeira and others.

ST Thoughts: Pujols, Crawford, Gordon and Others

Ray Guilfoyle offers his thoughts on some recent spring training news including Albert Pujols, Carl Crawford and others.

ST Thoughts: Chapman, Kemp, McCann and Others

Ray Guilfoyle offers his thoughts on some recent spring training news, including thoughts on Robinson Cano and Brian McCann.

ST Thoughts: Middlebrooks, Bundy, and Springer

Ray Guilfoyle offers some thoughts on recent spring training news, including thoughts on Dylan Bundy, Will Middlebrooks and others.

Will Middlebrooks Leaves ST Game with Wrist Injury

Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks left Wednesday's spring training game with a wrist injury. Apparently, it didn't look good.

The Swinging Friars

It's not often that the Padres are considered a strong offensive team, but they have players up and down their lineup that can contribute to fantasy success.

Curtis Granderson Out 10 Wks with Forearm Fracture

Yankees outfielder Curtis Granderson will miss 10 weeks due to a broken forearm suffered in today's spring training game vs the Blue Jays.

Early ST Thoughts: Sandoval, Jeter, and Chapman

Ray Guilfoyle takes a look at some early spring training news, including thoughts on Pablo Sandoval, Dylan Bundy and others.

Spring Training Thoughts: Braun, Machado, and Kemp

Ray Guilfoyle discusses some news and notes from spring training.


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