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Fangraphs Friday

Kenneth looks at for Fantasy direction.

Dustin Ackley: I Still Like Him And So Should You

Dustin Ackley, It Gets Better. It Gets Better. It Gets Better.

Brandon Beachy: Undrafted, Unknown, and Unbelievable

A closer look at the unlikely hero, Brandon Beachy.

Fangraphs Friday: Padres' Chase Headley Is 2nd in fWAR

What has Chase Headley become this season and where can he go with it? I take a deeper look at the numbers.

Fangraphs Friday: A Closer Look at the Baltimore Orioles

The O's are off to a hot start and so are some of the bats, but will it hold?

Fangraphs Fantasy Friday: Rookie Hitters Update

How are the Rookies doing so far in 2012? The sample sizes are totally worth credibility!