Shohei Ohtani said he couldn’t see himself playing in New York: source


Word is finally out that superstar free agent Shohei Ohtani met with at least the Dodgers, Jays and Giants. Though it isn’t known yet who leads among those three finalists, plus the Cubs and Angels, a clubhouse source told The Post Ohtani told him during the season that he liked the idea of going to at least the Dodgers or Jays if he left the Angels. It isn’t known what other teams Ohtani may have singled out for preference, but the clubhouse source added that Ohtani specifically said he couldn’t see himself playing in New York, which is also what he told the Yankees six years ago before signing with the Angels. (Ohtani’s handlers say no such sentiment was expressed to the Yankees or Mets during the process this time.)

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