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Fernando Tatis Jr. of the Padres is out for up to three months with a fractured wrist

The hits keep coming. Or...not coming?

San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants Photo by Brandon Vallance/Getty Images

This whole long layoff thing and then flurry of MLB news all at once...well, it continues to be a mixed bag. Exciting trades, sure. But in the eleventh hour of draft season, finding out your stud first-rounder is out for around three months? Yikes. Here’s what we know:

I know, tons of specifics, right? At any rate, this reads like more playing time for last year’s disappointment in Ha-Seong Kim...and plenty of time atop the lineup for guys like Trent Grisham and Jake “Rake” Cronenworth. But mostly it’s just a mortal blow for any of your squads that already have Tatis Jr. as the headliner. Best of luck, y’all.