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Fantasy Basketball: Only 12 to 16 games left!

Natty talks league-winning fantasy basketball adds, including Cameron Payne and others.

Toronto Raptors v Phoenix Suns Photo by Kelsey Grant/Getty Images

We are getting CLOSE to the end of the fantasy basketball season and the NBA regular season. Teams are either fighting for the playoffs, or thinking about next season. Side note, if you’re looking for some dynasty talk, please check out The Long 2 Podcast where Brandon & I discuss players who are 23 and younger. For those teams still in it, it’s important to note how many games are left, in order to get as much volume as possible.

After Sunday’s games, the Clippers have played 70 of 82 games, the most in the NBA. The Hawks, Blazers, Thunder, Lakes, Sixers, and Wizards have the most games remaining. Also, the Miami Heat only play twice this week (March 14th through 20th), so keep that in mind if you’re streaming Heat players during this upcoming matchup.

Here are eight players who can help you as the season winds down:

CAMERON PAYNE, PHX, PG, 31% rostered

The CamPayne needs to be rostered if he’s available in your league. He’s taken over for Chris Paul, who’s out for the regular season, and he’s averaged the fourth-most minutes and the SECOND-most shots for Phoenix over the past two weeks. That’s 16.3 points per game, four rebounds per game, 9.7 assists per game, over a steal per game, and 2+ 3-pointers made per game. Simply put, he’s a sensational fantasy player in prime position to accumulate volume, especially assists. He should be a top 50 player in fantasy for the rest of the season. Add him IMMEDIATELY. The Suns play four games this week: the Pelicans, the Rockets, the Bulls, and the Kings. CamPayne should have a damn good week.


As mentioned above, the Washington Wizards have more games remaining than most teams. They play four games this week, and KCP should be able to capitalize. The addition of Kristaps Porzingis and the absence of Bradley Beal has given KCP some breathing room in offense, and he’s delivering—17-3-3 over the past two weeks, with 2+ 3PM. The Wizards are currently all Kyle Kuzma, KCP, and Kristaps, and they could possibly go on a run and still make the play-in if the Charlotte Hornets crater. KCP is only 29 years old, by the way.

MONTE MORRIS, DEN, PG, 33% rostered

Morris has been a top 75 player in fantasy for the past month, and, he’s averaged 14-3-4 the past two weeks, with nearly two 3PM, and a 53 FG%. The Nuggets have four games this week, against tough defenses, so they’ll need Morris’s scoring (especially if Aaron Gordon misses any time). Morris started the season slow, but he’s been great since. He’s probably not going to get this volume again next year when Jamal Murray is back, so it’s possible he could be a buy-low trade target in your league. Top 75 is Top 75, so if you can trade for him, or absolutely if you can just add him from free agency, you should do so. He’s delivering solid volume and efficiency, and he’s done so for awhile now.

Chicago Bulls v Detroit Pistons Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

AYO DOSUNMU, CHI, SG/PG, 22.6% rostered

I do NOT care that Alex Caruso is back for the Bulls. In my humble opinion, the rookie Dosunmu has proved he belongs, and I can’t imagine Chicago cutting his minutes drastically. Ayo’s been a top 100 player the past month, and he might just maintain that if he can keep his efficiency up. He’s not playing the most minutes or taking the most shots, but he’s making them matter when he gets them. His last box score against the Cavaliers was 36 minutes, 17 points, two boards, three dimes, two steals, two blocks, on seven of 10 shooting from the floor. He’s available in over 75% of ESPN leagues. I still consider him a must add player despite Caruso’s return. BTW: Caruso is only rostered in 25% of ESPN leagues. PICK HIM UP. I can’t guarantee he’ll play every game or play heavy minutes, but he’s worth adding for his assists and defensive counting stats.

ISAIAH ROBY, OKC, PF/C, 14.4% rostered

Roby’s played the second-most minutes for the Thunder the past two weeks, which is a great sign for fantasy teams who roster him. The Thunder have four games this week, two against awful defenses, so the young big could be in store for big numbers. He’s been top 100 the past month, averaging 16 and 5 with 2+ dimes, two thefts per game, 1+ 3PM, on 57% shooting from the floor. I’ve rostered Roby on my main team, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The Thunder can’t shut everyone down, they need to at least try to develop some of their young talent, which means Roby’s in a great position to get minutes and shots in volume for the rest of the season. I know you’re probably not watching OKC games, but Roby and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (and POKU?!?!??) are still providing valuable fantasy numbers.


Quickley only played 25 minutes against the Nets on Sunday, but he played 30+ minutes in each of the previous three games. The Knicks are four games out of the play-in and they’re 3-7 in their last 10 games, so it’s probably time for the youth to take over. Quickley should get loads of minutes over the last month. He’s given you 16-5-3 with a steal and two 3PM the past two weeks—will those numbers grow if he’s given more minutes and shots? Will Alex Burks (who scored five points in 35 minutes on Sunday) continue to get more playing time than Young Quick? Or, will Thibs relent and hand the keys to Quickley? If there’s a chance that you can add a starting point guard with upside at this late date in the season, you should take it. Like with CamPayne, Quickley could be in store for a massive amount of volume, if he’s put in the position to do so by the Knicks. He’s a worthy investment to find out, I think, since the payoff could be big. Quick’s been a top 100 player the past month, regardless.

DEVIN VASSELL, SAS, SG/SF, 13% rostered

Vassell is still a young, raw player, but he’s been a top 100 fantasy asset for the past month. Now that Derrick White is in Boston, Vassell’s starting, averaging 13-5-2, with a steal and 2+ 3PM the past two weeks. He’s not going to wow you with scoring, though he nearly scored 20 against the Pacers, but he provides solid fantasy numbers. He’s a young player with a long leash: minutes and shots, that’s what we’re looking for at this point of the fantasy season, who’s getting minutes and shots. The fact that Vassell’s so widely available despite being a top 100 player is just our good luck. (Lonnie Walker IV on the Spurs is also SUPER available, and he can give you 20+ scoring nights sometimes). San Antonio plays four games this week.


Portland just needs bodies, so why not play the rookies? Watford’s played the third-most minutes and taken the fourth-most shots for the Blazers the past two weeks, and he just scored 22 against the Jazz, and then 27 against the Wizards. He’s getting minutes and shots on a BAD team, which is fantasy gold. No one seems to know about him yet, aside from the Portland faithful, so take advantage and at least stream the rookie. The Blazers have four games this week, and Watford could be a sneaky good fantasy stream.

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