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MLB DFS Wars: Round 2 Update, NFL DFS Wars on tap

Heath updates the MLB DFS Wars leaderboard and chats up NFL DFS Wars!

New England Patriots Practice Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Our daily fantasy football competition is slated to begin during Week 2 of the NFL season, and we’ll run for 15 consecutive weeks (skipping what could be a funky Week 17). NFL DFS Wars will be kicking off (pun intended) for pretty much the first time—we’ve successfully done multiple MLB competitions, though. More on NFL at the bottom. For now, a Round 2 update on MLB...

This year’s first round of MLB DFS Wars was so successful that 15 of us hopped into a Round 2 competition. Before it’s all said and done, we’ll have raised $350.00 for Lost Boyz Inc., our charity of choice for the MLB season.

Here’s what Lost Boyz Inc. have to say about their mission:

“We target at-risk youth, specifically those that have trouble with their academic performance or behavior in and out of school.”

“Youth who participate in organized sports have significantly improved outcomes in discipline, self-respect, teamwork, healthy habits, emotion management, and healthy relationships with peers and authority figures.”

If you can get behind that, feel free to join us in donating whatever you can. You can start for as little as a one-time, $10 donation.

All right! Now that business is behind us, let’s get down

Dave Swan (@davithius) leads Round 2 of MLB DFS Wars, thanks to a blistering Week 3 showing. Broc Miller (@BrocNessMonster) and Frank Ammirante (@FAmmiranteTFJ) are second and third, though we are still early enough in the competition that one or two spike weeks could really shuffle the order. With five competitions left to go, Round 2’s crown is probably still anyone’s game. Here’s the full board through 5 weeks:

MLB DFS Wars Leaderboard (R2)

Dave Swan Pitcher List, Fantrax 82.50 115.15 176.80 115.35 489.80
Broc Miller FTN Fantasy 102.75 117.95 107.15 151.05 478.90
Frank Ammirante 4for4, TheGameDay, Rotoballer 105.95 111.35 141.75 117.80 476.85
Steve Paulo Razzball 143.30 91.55 123.65 108.85 467.35
Josh Shepardson FantasyPros, numberfire, TheGameDay 98.85 104.35 132.90 124.85 460.95
Mike Alexander FantasyAlarm, Fly Index, Razzball 109.90 127.80 102.95 117.15 457.80
Seth Klein FantasyPros 106.45 92.00 134.05 119.00 451.50
Doug Shain Bankster DFS 124.50 96.70 108.70 120.05 449.95
Heath Capps SB Nation's Fake Teams 105.60 111.15 126.85 88.15 431.75
Matt Truss Razzball 112.35 76.05 115.65 108.90 412.95
Blair Williams Razzball, FTN Network, Pitcher List 112.80 121.60 77.30 100.70 412.40
Mike Carter RotoFanatic, SP Streamer 149.05 94.90 72.20 78.45 394.60
Stan_Son Razzball, DraftKings, FantasyLabs 119.05 70.25 81.70 110.05 381.05
Dave Shovein NBC Sports Edge 82.45 86.40 100.65 94.70 364.20
Jesse Morse The Fantasy Doctors 134.40 68.90 82.60 52.50 338.40

Note: everyone’s lowest score was dropped, hence the omissions.


If you think you’re into taking on some of the above touts (and others) in NFL DFS Wars, feel free to drop me a line in the comments or find me on Twitter @HeathCapps. There’s no “level” of tout you need to be, no follower count required, no copy count required. The only ask is that you consistently produce NFL content in-season, whether that is writing, ranking, podcasting, or even just tweeting.

You also need to be able to have a little skin in the game to hop in ($100 for the entire season). We take 10% off of all entries and devote to a charity. After that, we play for an overall prize and weekly payouts (amounts TBD based on number of competitors). Obviously, the more the merrier, and the larger the charitable donation and prizes will be.

Inclusivity is what makes events like TGFBI and all of the “Razz” events so popular. And while I don’t anticipate building a daily fantasy sports competition of huge girth—it still feels like too much of a niche thing for that to occur—I appreciate that anyone who wants in, can get in.

All monies will be housed on LeagueSafe, and all competitions will be held on DraftKings via the League option. We’ll track results and winnings with a fancy google doc, and I’ll put out weekly leaderboard updates. I probably forgot something. But for anyone who thinks they want to represent themselves and their site in a friendly (but competitive) NFL DFS competition, just ask me with any questions. And follow along on Twitter at @realdfswars.

Who else is leaning into some Mac Jones for Week 1 of the NFL season? We aren’t playing Week 1, but I’d wager he’d be a popular choice if so. Corey Davis, Kyle Pitts, and DeVonta Smith all look nice, too...