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Nelson Cruz traded to the Tampa Bay Rays

It’s a blockbuster, finally.

Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

We’ve got an MLB trade deadline blockbuster! Here are some particulars:

So the Rays (57-39) are one game behind the Red Sox for the AL East lead and are making their final championship push. Nelson Cruz is a noted lefty-basher and slots in perfectly for a team that is more powerful against right-handed pitchers (.175 ISO) than against southpaws (.153 ISO). Here’s the improvement that Tampa will be getting in the DH slot:

The return for Minnesota looks nice at first glance—here are the prospect particulars:

What say you, fantasy baseball degenerates? Is this a trade that could (eventually) work out for both sides? Or did the Twins get hosed?

My lean? Cruz is one of the premier power bats in the league...advantage, Tampa Bay.