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Should MLB add expansion teams?

What do baseball fans think of the idea of Major League Baseball expanding?

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Montreal Expos Photo by: Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

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Before coming off of a season that saw MLB owners fighting with players over profit sharing during a shortened year and a year before the end of the CBA, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred had alluded to the idea of the league looking to expand. That of course got pushed on the back-burner with with COVID-19 condensed season, but still might be something we see down the road.

Expanding might not be met with overwhelming support however as according to the most recent SB Nation Reacts survey, a slight majority of fans don’t think the league should add any new teams.

I guess I understand why baseball fans might not want to see the league expand, but personally, as someone who loves mocking up uniforms and thinking of cool potential team names, expanding the league is right up my alley. Besides there are some places that would be sweet to have a major league team in.

The commissioner mentioned six potential locations: Nashville, Charlotte and Portland in the US; Montreal and Vancouver in Canada; and Manfred also included Mexico, and although he didn’t mention a specific location within Mexico, it is believed to be Monterrey.

Fans ranked those cities in order of the ones they would most like to see host a new MLB team. Nashville took the top spot, followed by Montreal, which was previously home to the Expos.

Nashville would be an amazing spot for a baseball team and we all know we want to see the Montreal Expos make their grand return to baseball once again. (Yes I know they’re still technically in the league via the Washington Nationals, but I want to see those baby blue jerseys back on the diamond). Portland also seems like a natural MLB spot given it’s growing sports fan base.

The next question MLB would need to answer is how many teams should be added. Adding two teams if the league expanded seems to make the most sense to me and also to the average fan it seems.

What do you think? Should MLB expand?

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