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The best Super Bowl LV prop bets

If you actually want to win money, this isn’t the article for you (or is it!?)

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If you’ve come here for knowledgeable, intelligent, well researched advice regarding making the most money on Super Bowl 55, then I would like to inform you that you’ve come to the wrong place and should leave now before I lose you money.

I by no stretch of the imagination am a gambler. I’m still trying to figure out just exactly what the plus/minus means in terms of betting lines (though after a couple of years of writing this column, I’ve started to remember). However, if you’re here because you love seeing the dumb shit people bet on and odds makers determine deserve odds made, well then by all means, continue reading!

Prop bets are always fun because after your few obvious ones (there’s always a bet on the over/under length of the national anthem), things get rather silly in terms of just what people are willing to wager on. And as someone who happily wagers on the Super Bowl, I am here for the most ridiculous of the ridiculous bets.

Without delaying any further, here are my favorite Super Bowl 55 prop bets.

Odds courtesy of Bovada

How long will it take Jazmine Sullivan or Eric Church to sing the National Anthem?

Over 1:59 +105
Under 1:59 -145

Gotta start with the National Anthem length. I was unaware that TWO artists were going to be signing the National Anthem at, possibly, the same time. On average it takes about a minute and 55 seconds to sing the anthem (I tested it out much to my dog’s chagrin) so with two artists singing, each jockeying for the mic, fighting off the other and trying to prove they are the superior artist, this will totally take over two minutes.

What will be mentioned first?

Tom Brady’s 10th Super Bowl -200
Tom Brady’s age +150

“And here comes the 43-year-old Tom Brady, playing in his 10th ever Super Bowl. It’s really amazing Tony.”


Yea, you know this exact scene will play out.

What will be the highest scoring quarter?

First +575
Second +165
Third +475
Fourth +265
Two or more to have equal highest score +950

This game has high scoring affair written all over it. There’s going to be touchdowns in every quarter but I’d put my money in the third. I like those odds and I could see points getting thrown all over the board right out of half.

How many times will the chains be used for measurement?

Over 1.5 times +140
Under 1.5 times -180

It just needs to happen twice to hit the over. Football is a game of inches and the refs will need their best tool to measure each one.

Will either team not punt during the game?

Yes +600
No -1200

The Chiefs averaged 2.9 punts per game this season. I could easily see this offense either scoring points, going for it on fourth down, or turning it over ever single drive and never punting.

Will either team score two unanswered times in the game?

Yes -10000
No +1400

I think Vegas has learned about the red hot Chiefs.

Either QB with 500+ passing yards


I think this game is going to be like the Patriots vs Eagles Super Bowl were both team’s offenses were just unstoppable and you know what Brady did in that game? Threw for 505 yards. It would be peak Brady to throw 500+ yards at 43 years old just to further give the middle finger to Father Time.

Will Kenny G be on stage during the halftime show?

Yes +275
No -450


Anytime touchdown scorer

Travis Kelce -165
Tyreek Hill -165
Mike Evans +110
Leonard Fournette +120
Chris Godwin +125
Rob Gronkowski +225
Tom Brady +350
Anthony Sherman +1800

Not all the guys offered but I picked my favorites. Rob Gronkowski isn’t the same red zone monster he once was but I can’t help but feeling the man has a score in him on the world’s biggest stage. The real one I’m excited about here is Anthony Sherman. Now I know there is no way Anthony Sherman is going to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl BUT he did score a touchdown back in Week 3 on a trick play this year AND we’ve seen Sherman be used as a goal line bruiser before. He had five rushing touchdowns back in 2017. Yea, that’s the kind of deep research this article brings. Also Tom Brady sneak at the goal line? Ever heard of it?

Super Bowl MVP

Patrick Mahomes -120
Tom Brady +200
Travis Kelce +1000
Tyrann Mathieu +3000
Devin White +3000
Shaquil Barrett +4500

Last but not least, the Super Bowl MVP odds. Patrick Mahomes will somehow win MVP even if the Chiefs lose so putting your money on him is all but a sure thing. Personally, if it isn’t a quarterback winning it, I always turn to defense and think who could make game wrecking plays and be the deciding factor on that side of the ball. Mathieu and White clearly both have that potential but I’m vibing with Shaq Barrett at +4500 for MVP. Barrett had three sacks, two tackles for loss, and four QB hits against the Packers in the NFC Championship game. The Chiefs are missing both their tackles so Barrett could once again rain havoc down upon an offense. Watch, he’s going to win MVP and I’ll have put no money on it and it’ll make me very sad.

What’s the best prop bet you’ve found from Super Bowl 55? Drop it in the comments.