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5 Bold Predictions for NFL Week 16

Tom Brady is going off this week!

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully everyone is having a great holiday and staying safe. The NFL doesn’t stop, so it’s bold predictions time with Mark!

1. Tom Brady is a top 3 QB this week.

Justification: He’s being labeled as the 10th best QB this week largely due to losing Chris Godwin and facing the Carolina Panthers. Anyone who knows Brady knows he has spent ALL week stewing on this, and even short of weapons will come out breathing fire. I’m going all in on Brady for a HUGE week.

2. Davante Adams finishes outside the top 10 WR this week.

Justification: Historically speaking, Cleveland has done a decent job of shutting down WR1s since Week 1 when Tyreek Hill went off. During the last few games Hunter Renfrow, Marquise Brown (x2), Ja’Marr Chase, and Chase Claypool have all been in the 40-60 yard range while WR2s and tight ends have had great days.

3. Noah Fant is a top 5 TE this week.

Justification: The Raiders are generous towards opposing TE’s and Fant is getting at least three catches per game. I can see the Broncos utilizing him and him getting a TD this week.

4. David Montgomery is a top 7 RB this week.

Justification: I think Chicago uses him big this week against a Seattle defense that is generous to opposing RBs and I think Montgomery has somewhat of an emergent game at Seattle, getting at least 1 TD and about 80 yards. He has averaged almost 17 carries per game over the last four games.

5. LAR vs. Minnesota has an over/under of 49.5, give me the over at 52.

Justification: The Rams have scored at least 28 points in three of their last four games. The Vikings meanwhile have scored at least 26 points in five of their last six games. Stafford won’t be flustered in the cold Vikings atmosphere and both teams are still scrapping for ideal spots for playoffs.

YTD Grades:
A: 25
B: 7
C: 11
D: 26