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Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire: Do You Need 3-pointers?

Natty scours the fantasy hoops waiver wire for 3-pointers.

Phoenix Suns v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Two thirds of the NBA have played 30 games this season (prior to Monday’s games). If you’re like me, you’ve been frantically working the waiver wire in fantasy basketball as you search for players to stream who can give you counting stats and ratios. Here are some players who are shooting a high volume of three-point attempts (5 or more per game) and are sinking them at a 40% rate, at least. They’re also available in a majority of ESPN leagues.


Mills is #95 on the player rater for the season, and he’s been a top 70 player over the past two weeks, averaging 17-3-2, with 3+ 3PM. The Nets have a plethora of players absent from the court due to a panoply of different reasons, but Patty Mills has maintained a high volume of shots and elite ratios (he’s sixth in 3PT% of the 95 players averaging 5+ 3PA per game). A top 100 player giving you this much in a counting stat (he’s fourth in total 3PM this season so far) is a player worth rostering. He should be added for the long haul, even if/when Kyrie Irving returns.


Connaughton is a top 60 player on the season, and he’s been a top 50 player the past two weeks, averaging 11-4-1, with 1+ steals per game and 2+ 3PM. The Bucks have some elite shooting on the wing (see Grayson Allen below), and they’re getting Donte DiVincenzo back, so it’s hard for me to tell you that Connaughton is a must-roster player, even though I also know that a top 75 player should be rostered, no matter what. So, if he’s available, you should add him until his volume and value evaporate, if they do. There will be games where he’s unimpressive, but that’s the chance you take on a team with as many offensive weapons on as Milwaukee has. Connaughton’s ratios are top 15 in 3PT%, so enjoy the positive ratios when you play him, too.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images


Good Lord, is that Kevin Love?! Over the past two weeks, due possibly to injuries and absences to the Cavaliers’ front court but WHATEVER, KLove’s been a TOP 30 PLAYER IN FANTASY BASKETBALL. He’s averaging 14-6-2 (!) with 3+ 3PM (!!), while playing around 20 minutes a game. He’s shooting 40% from three this season, which would be his best outside shooting season since the 2017-18 season, and he’s shooting at better than a 60% true shooting percentage. Out of all the players who average 8+ FGA per game, Kevin Love has the 21st best true shooting percentage. I must say, Cleveland keeps losing players, and other players keep stepping up. I have no idea if KLove can keep this up, but he has shot 40% from three before, and we know that a healthy Love can be a good fantasy player, so I’d suggest riding him until the Cavs get healthy. Who knows? Cleveland’s in fourth place in the East, perhaps KLove’s minutes and shots maintain so long as his efficiency does?


The other young Buck to mention is Grayson Allen, who started the season blazing hot. He’s diminished a bit since, but he’s still giving you 10+ PPG and 2+ RPG, with 1+ SPG and 2+ 3PM. While players like Giannis are out, Grayson and Connaughton should receive more minutes and shots. I prefer other players on this list, but you can’t argue with the stats so far, and he’s been a top 100 player on the season in fantasy. He’s worth streaming, at the very least.


Uh oh, old man alert! Gordon’s been a top 75 player the past two weeks on a suddenly feisty Houston Rockets team (6-4 in their last 10 games). Providing you 19-1-5 the past two weeks on 53% overall shooting with 2+ 3PM, Gordon’s been scoring so well that he’s now fifth in 3PT% of players taking 5 or more 3PA per game. Gordon’s always an injury risk, but for a guy who’s available in 90% of leagues, he shouldn’t be wasted on the wire. Enjoy his production while you can!

LA Clippers v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images


Dukie Lukie had a sssssssslow start to the season, but he’s been a top 100 player over the past month, and a top 40 player the past two weeks. Nic Batum is back from injury (he’s been elite from three this year, too), but Kennard’s elite outside shot (he’s second in 3PT% of players taking 5+ 3PA) should keep him in the rotation. Every team is going to have absences due to Covid and injuries, so when you can jump on a player who’s under-rostered and may be getting more play recently, you should do so, especially when it’s a guy who can help your ratios and counting stats (Kennard’s averaging 4+ 3PM the past two weeks, woulda been nice to have that on your team during that wave, wouldn’t it?).


CamJohn’s minutes went up with Devin Booker out, but he responded with elite shooting. He’s averaging 14 and 5 with 3 3PM the past two weeks, and he and Booker are actually BOTH shooting 40.9% from three this season on 5+ attempts per game. Phoenix just keeps developing players, and while Johnson’s minutes and shots may decrease, he’s another young sharpshooter to keep your eye on. A lot of the NBA is still in an early season shooting slump, so we’re hoping to find efficient shooters on the wire in hopes they can maintain, or maybe even improve, as the season goes along.


Listen, Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo are both out for the Heat, and Duncan Robinson is one of those players who’s in a terrible shooting slump. Strus has played 30+ minutes in each of the past two games, and he’s delivered 12 3PM over those games. I’m mainly pointing him out as a guy who’s grabbing the opportunity when presented, but also to remind you that players come out of nowhere each and every season. Strus isn’t rostered at all, but while Tyler Herro is out and Duncan Robinson is slumping, the Heat need warm bodies, and Strus has been white hot. Is he a must roster? No, but he’s been a damn nice streamer. Keep him on your radar.