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Fantasy Sports News Roundup: Buck Showalter, Chandler Stephenson, Tom Brady

It’s time to be informed at the water cooler.

Oakland Athletics v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

It’s a new week, so we’re trying something new. A little fantasy sports news roundup. We’ll hit the high notes from the week before (and the weekend) so you can sound smarter at the proverbial water cooler today. Or maybe at the actual water cooler. Suppose that depends on whether or not you work from home in your pajamas.

Chandler Stephenson of the Vegas Golden Knights is only 75% rostered

While he’s not shooting the puck (3 SOG total across his last three games), he has seven assists in his last three games, including two power play points. This helps him sit at 17th in total points on the season and cements his lead for Golden Knights points this season. He’s only 75% owned. (Mark Abell)

Buck Showalter is perfect for the New York Mets

Buck Showalter’s signing with the New York Mets is a fine marriage. Steve Cohen has shelled out a ton of dough on this team, and it could potentially be for nothing without some experience at the helm. Showalter is exactly that, someone who should be able to capitalize on his 20 years of MLB managerial experience. Showalter’s 1,551 wins are the 24th most all-time, and he is a three-time AL Manager of the Year—1994 (NYY), 2004 (TEX), and 2014 (BAL).

The Mets have a $300 million shortstop in Francisco Lindor, as well as two frontline aces in Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer. They are built to win right now, and this move solidifies their contention in 2022—if it wasn’t solid enough already. (Heath Capps)

Tom Brady doesn’t get shutout much...

Pour one out for Tom Brady’s skill players on the fantasy football end of things...

The New Orleans Saints handed Tom Brady the third shutout of his career on Sunday night, and his first such game in about 15 years. For some perspective:

That’s a heck of a long time ago. Anyway, the Bucs should bounce back just fine next week, assuming that some of these skill guys can return to play. Odds are most of your Tom Brady fantasy football teams secured a first-round bye, anyway.

What stuck out to you in the last week of fantasy sports, gamers? And what do we think of a roundup to kickoff each new week?