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Xfinity 500: Power Rankings

Joey Logano reigns at Martinsville.

NASCAR Cup Series Blue-Emu Maximum Pain Relief 500 Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Race Information

Race: Xfinity 500
Laps: 500
Date: October 31st @ 2:00pm
Venue: Martinsville Speedway
2020 Winner: Chase Elliott (3:40:27)
Network: NBC

Track: Martinsville Speedway

Located in Ridgeway, VA, this half mile track is the shortest track on the NASCAR Cup Series. It was built in 1947 by H. Clay Earles and stands as one of the first oval tracks in NASCAR. It uses concrete for the turns but sticks with asphalt on the straightaways. The constant braking is tricky here so it’s best to have someone who knows what they are doing and has a record of success. Martinsville joins Bristol as the shortest tracks (both about a half mile) on the circuit.

Martinsville Speedway Photo By ISC Images & Archives via Getty Images


Joey Logano (ninth selection this year) – Joey has top 10’s at Martinsville in seven of his last eight instances. He also has top 10 finishes in three of his last four races in the playoffs thus far. He had a loose lugnut at the conclusion of the race last week at Kansas and faces a $10,000 fine.

Kyle Larson (ninth selection this year) — This one might be playing with fire. I mean, after two straight wins, who knows what’s in store at Martinsville? He did finish fifth last time he was here.

High Risk/High Reward

Martin Truex Jr. (ninth selection this year) — Martin won here earlier this year. The main issue is he only has one top 10 finish in his last four playoff races.

Denny Hamlin (ninth selection this year) - Denny has been among the top 12 in four the last five races at Martinsville. The issue is the playoff races here he usually doesn’t do as well as regular season. He does have eight straight top 12 finishes in the playoffs thus far.

The Dark Horse

Tyler Reddick (sixth selection this year) - Reddick has two top 10 finishes in his last three playoff races. He was 8th at Martinsville earlier this year and is capping off a very respectable 2nd season.

2021 Results

Favorite: Average Finish 14th (36th Percent)
High Risk/High Reward: Average Finish 16th (42nd Percent)
Dark Horse: Average Finish 18th (46th Percent)