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I redesigned each MLB team’s jersey just for fun

Tackled both the NBA and NFL earlier in the year. Now it’s time to redesign baseball.

I love designing jerseys in my free time. I have a ton of fun doing research on teams and cities and finding cool and interesting ways to represent that on a jersey. You may have seen both my NBA and NFL redesigns which I completed earlier in the year. Since then I’ve been working on designing a new jersey for every MLB team and now I’m finally done.

So I now present my redesigned MLB, complete with what I think Cleveland should change their team name to.

Let me know what you think and which is your favorite jersey. (Personally, my favorites are the Marlins, Diamondbacks, Twins, Royals, and Rays.)

Hope you enjoy!

Arizona Diamondbacks

Atlanta Braves

Baltimore Orioles

Boston Red Sox

Chicago White Sox

Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Reds

Cleveland Guardians

Colorado Rockies

Detroit Tigers

Houston Astros

Kansas City Royals

Los Angeles Angels

Los Angeles Dodgers

Miami Marlins

Milwaukee Brewers

Minnesota Twins

New York Yankees

New York Mets

Oakland Athletics

Philadelphia Phillies

Pittsburgh Pirates

San Diego Padres

San Francisco Giants

Seattle Mariners

St. Louis Cardinals

Tampa Bay Rays

Texas Rangers

Toronto Blue Jays

Washington Nationals