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Friday Fun: What is your best childhood sports memory?

I’m feeling nostalgic this week.

Red Sox v Cardinals Game 3

Way back when I first took over Fake Teams, I started writing weekly Friday Fun articles in which I’d ask some random sports question and help distract you from the relentless ticking and tocking of the clock as you waited to get out of work.

You may not be sitting in your office watching the clock right now, but everyone can get excited for the weekend and nothing helps that quite like procrastinating work, so I’m back to offer my assistance once again.

This week’s question: What is your best childhood sports memory?

For me the answer is clearly watching Game 4 of the 2004 World Series. Obviously watching the Red Sox win their first championship since 1918 and break the Curse of the Bambino was a glorious sight to behold, but this takes the cake for me because it also was a beautiful microcosm of my childhood growing up.

We didn’t have a TV when I was a kid, all we had was this old ass white 12x12 TV whose sole purpose in life was to play a VHS tape. That was it. In order to watch the game, we had to bring it down from our attic and we set it up in my brother’s and my bedroom on our dresser. It took a long time fiddling with the antenna to get any kind of picture quality and even then it was grainy AF.

And there we all sat, watching the grainy TV show Johnny Damon and his flowing locks knock an early homer and give the Sox a lead they’d never relinquish.

Did I stay up all night to see the celebrations? Nope. Around the 8th inning when it was clear the Cardinals weren’t going to win it, my mom turned off the TV and we went to bed. That’s how I celebrated the first World Series the Red Sox won in 86 years.

What’s your best childhood sports memory? Leave your thoughts in the comments or—if you want to tell us more and paint a verbal picture for us—write a FanPost and we’ll make sure to share it!

Hopefully this will be able to distract you for the final moments of the week.

Happy weekends!