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Quarterbacks I keep drafting in fantasy football

These signal callers are ‘my guys’ in 2020 fantasy football

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As a self-confessed fantasy degenerate, I just love drafting teams. Not just mocks either, I can’t help myself but join in drafts and play in as many types of leagues as possible. Because of this, I’m starting to build a collection of players that I keep finding myself drafting as I love the combination of the value and upside they offer for my teams for the upcoming season. I’m starting at the quarterback position and will go through each position group throughout the week.

(Note: Current ADP is from and is based on PPR leagues)

Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans (ADP 6.07)

Watson is currently going as the sixth quarterback off the board in drafts and when I can get him in the 6th round, then I’m happy to pull the trigger for one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league. Watson is super consistent, and finished 2019 as the QB4 with 21.4 points per game. Some may be down on him for 2020 with DeAndre Hopkins leaving in a trade to Arizona, but Watson has a ton of weapons to throw to, including a new number one in Brandin Cooks and a new pass-catching running back in David Johnson and that gives me confidence Watson will have another good season as he leads the Texans in pursuit of a third straight AFC South title.

Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers (ADP 13.10)

When I go quarterback late, I am going really late but leave drafts feeling really happy with taking Garoppolo as my QB1. Because of what happened in the playoffs with the 49ers exploiting their opponent’s weaknesses against the run and making Garoppolo a lesser part of the offense, Jimmy G seems to be slipping and is currently the QB21 in drafts, despite finishing 2019 as the QB14 with 15.5 points per game in his first season after recovering from the ACL injury he suffered in 2018. The complex run game is a key part of the 49ers offense, but by the same measure, I can also see Kyle Shanahan zigging as other teams zag to catch up and putting the ball back in Garoppolo’s hands as he did in Atlanta with Matt Ryan in 2016. The receiver position looks a little thin with Deebo Samuel likely to miss some time with a broken foot, but he has a top receiving option in George Kittle, plus first-round draft pick Brandon Aiyuk and a ton of pass-catching running backs. Don’t forget Garoppolo was third in yards per attempt in 2019 with 8.4 so isn’t afraid to put the ball down the field. Super value in the 13th round.

Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans (ADP 14.05)

In a similar vein to Garoppolo, Tannehill to me is a great option for a late-round steal in drafts. Despite all the fuss at the time around the crazy numbers Tannehill put up after he took over as starter for the Titans last season, the quiet playoffs where Derrick Henry was all of the Titans’ offense has meant fantasy players seem to see little value in Tannehill in his second season in Nashville. To bring it back to memory, Tannehill led the league in yards per attempt with a colossal 9.6 in just 11 games, and finished with 18.7 fantasy points per game, which was on pace to be the QB9. Tannehill won over the Titans’ management with his 11 game cameo, earning a contract that is good for at least the next three years, and he has also seen a deal get done with Derrick Henry, which can only help Tannehill in the passing game. Tannehill also offers his own sneaky rushing upside, with him not afraid to drop his pads and truck defenders at the goal line. As the QB23 in drafts, you’d be crazy not to at least add him as your QB2, though I’m riding with Tannehill as my QB1 in more than one league.