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Friday Fun: What is the worst fantasy trade you’ve ever made?

What trade have you made that you look back on and wonder why you ever thought that was a good idea.

Way back when I first took over Fake Teams, I started writing weekly Friday Fun articles in which I’d ask some random sports question and help distract you from the relentless ticking and tocking of the clock as you waited to get out of work.

You may not be sitting in your office watching the clock right now, but everyone can get excited for the weekend and nothing helps that quite like procrastinating work, so I’m back to offer my assistance once again.

This week’s question: What is the worst trade you’ve ever made while playing fantasy sports?

I’m sure there are more than a few I can pick from but I’ll never forget last year in which I made a very cringeworthy trade.

I held onto Kenyan Drake throughout his start in Miami hoping beyond hope that he’d get traded. Then he did and I was stoked, especially after his huge first game with the Cardinals. Then his next game was fine but certainly not great so I thought I’d try and sell high on his first game with Arizona. I traded him for T.Y. Hilton who I thought would get healthy and then would just be a target hog given the lack of pass catchers the Colts had. Welp, that didn’t happen as instead Hilton continued to struggle with injury and we all know how the rest of Drake’s season went. Not my finest hour.

What has been your worst fantasy trade? Leave your thoughts in the comments or—if you want to tell us more and paint a verbal picture for us—write a FanPost and we’ll make sure to share it!

Hopefully this will be able to distract you for the final moments of the week.

Happy weekends!