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Who’d you rather have: Cam Newton or Andy Dalton

With both veteran quarterbacks on the open market, who’d you rather have for 2020?

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It’s time to play our favorite game! Spin that wheel and let’s look at two quarterbacks who are current free agents in the market.

*spins wheel*

It’s Joe Webb vs. Geno Smith!

Um actually, not what I was hoping for from the wheel, let’s try again….

*spins wheel*

Josh Woodrum vs. Blake Bortles!

Can you manually move it to two specific spots so it fits what I’m trying to do here?

Much better.

Obviously the two quarterbacks I’m talking about are Cam Newton and Andy Dalton both of whom are currently sitting on the open market, just waiting for a team to sign them. This begs the question, which QB would you rather sign for 2020. Let’s start by taking a look at their career stats:

Cam Newton Total Career (Pro-Bowler in 2011, 2013 and 2015)

Record in Games Started: 68-55-1
Completion %: 59.6%
Yards: 29,041
Yards per attempt: 7.3
Touchdowns: 183
Interceptions: 108

Andy Dalton Total Career (Pro-Bowler in 2011, 2014 and 2016)

Record in Games Started: 70-61-2
Completion %: 62
Yards: 31,594
Yards per attempt: 7.1
Touchdowns: 204
Interceptions: 118

I always hear the argument about total stats and playoff specific stats. Many QBs are dominant during the season but choke when it comes to the big stage.

Newton (Playoff specific):

Record in games started: 3-4
Completion %: 59.8
Yards: 1,821
Yards per attempt: 8.1
Touchdowns: 10
Interceptions: 7

Dalton (Playoff specific):

Record in games started: 0-4
Completion %: 55.7
Yards: 873
Yards per attempt: 5.5
Touchdowns: 1
Interceptions: 6

While Dalton holds the edge in wins, completion percentage, yards, touchdowns, when it came to the playoffs he takes a SEVERE hit in all numbers (most notably wins) and his TD-INT ratio of 1-6 is not a pretty thing to see. Newton clearly has had the greater post-season success after taking the Panthers to the Super Bowl in 2015.

Some teams out there (cough cough New England) will be looking into these types of things over the coming weeks as they will be one of a few spots to likely claim one of these two individuals.

For fun let’s throw in Player C who recently signed a 1 year $1.1MM contract for context of the market:

Player C Total Career (Pro-Bowler one year in 2015)

Record in Games Started: 28-42-0
Completion %: 61.3%
Yards: 19,737
Yards per attempt: 7.7
Touchdowns: 121
Interceptions: 88

Player C (Playoff specific):



Which QB would you rather sign for 2020?

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  • 52%
    Andy Dalton
    (11 votes)
  • 47%
    Cam Newton
    (10 votes)
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