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The greatest sports video game of all time is...

We’ve made it through all 32 games and now we have our winner.

Pete Rogers Illustrations

First there were 32.

Now there’s only 1.

We’ve made it through my Greatest Sports Video Game of All Time bracket and thanks to you, found ourselves a champion.

And the winner is...

Narrowly defeating Mario Kart 64 in the finals, NHL 94 battled its way from the fifth seed in the Pro Division, all the way to the finals. The Cinderella story has come true.

Congrats to NHL 94 on achieving arguable the single greatest accomplishment a sports video game can achieve so well done to EA Sports and everyone who developed it.

Before we close this bracket forever, I wanted to take a moment to remember our second place finisher, Mario Kart 64.

This game will forever hold a special place in my heart as it was the first video game on the first video game console I ever had. In fact, my grandparents gave it to my brother, sister, and I for Christmas one year and my parents, not being huge on the whole video game thing, said that we couldn’t bring it home with us. So the Nintendo 64 stayed and my grandparents and whenever we’d visit, I remember endless Mario Kart races and battles. I’m sure there are plenty of people who have wonderful memories of NHL 94 but I wanted to make sure Mario Kart got the love it deserved.

For me, this bracket would’ve come down to Backyard Baseball vs Mario Kart in the finals and I still am unsure which game I would’ve picked for the win.

Anyways, thanks to everyone who voted and participated in this epic bracket and hope y’all staying safe out there.