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9 players you must add before fantasy basketball playoffs

These wings should be on everyone’s roster for the fantasy playoffs.

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Let’s look at some valuable wings in fantasy basketball. These are players who can absolutely positutely help you during your fantasy playoffs (or if you’re already thinking about next season, they can help you there too!).

Mikal Bridges, SF, PHX, 25% owned

#26 ESPN Player Rater last 30 days

Bridges is tied for the eighth most steals over the past month (20). Since January 1st, Mikal is averaging 10+ PPG on 52% shooting, with 4+ RPG, 2+ APG, and 1.5 SPG. Fewer than 50 players average 10-4-2-1, and only seven of those players have a 50+ FG%. Bridges isn’t flashy, but he has been efficient. With Kelly Oubre Jr. out, Bridges has averaged the most minutes per game on the Suns, and he’s now taking ten shots per game with 2.5 3PM on 44 3PT%. He’s receiving volume minutes, an increase in shots, and he’s providing some nice defensive stats. Grab him while you can.

Duncan Robinson, SG/SF, MIA, 37% owned

#35 ESPN PR last 30 days

Robinson has the MOST total 3PM over the past 30 days (65) which is ten more than the second most (Buddy Hield has 55). Duncan Robinson averages more 3PM per game than Ice Trae Young. He has the THIRD most total 3PM on the season, after Harden and Hield; and of the 23 players who have at least 150 total 3PM this year, only Robinson and JJ Redick have a 44+ 3PT%. He’s one of THE elite shooters in the NBA, and that elite efficiency from long range also comes with elite volume. He should be owned everywhere.

Kevin Huerter, SG, ATL, 38% owned

#44 ESPN PR last 30 days

Top 50 in total FGA over the past month (168) and top 15 in total assists (70, tied with Bradley Beal). One of only 16 players this season with 125+ 3PM, 50+ total steals, and 20+ total blocks, Huerter has the second lowest amount of total minutes on that list. He’s also tied for third best 3PT% on that list (with Brandon Ingram).

Malik Beasley, SG, MIN, 54% owned

#45 ESPN PR last 30 days

Beasley has the 13th most shot attempts over the past month (202), and his 49.5 FG% is the second best of those 13 players. Of the 25 players with the most FGA over the past month, only Beasley and Dillon Brooks (on Memphis) are under 90% owned. He’s also tied for 7th in total 3PM this past month (44). Since joining the Timberwolves, Beasley is averaging 21+ PPG (48 FG%), 8+ 3PA per game (43 3PT%), 5+ RPG, and 2 APG. First of all, only 37 players are averaging 20+ PPG on the season. The list of players who average, on the season, 20+ PPG, 5+ RPG, and 2+ APG includes 22 players. Only seven of those 22 also take more than 7 3PA per game: Jayson Tatum, Kyrie Irving, Karl-Anthony Towns, Paul George, Luka Doncic, Stephen Curry, and James Harden. If this is what Beasley’s production looks like for as long as the Big KAT is out injured (or, even when he comes back…), then Beasley needs to be at least 90% owned. Few players’ individual stats improved as much from the trade deadline as Beasley’s.

Bogdan Bogdanovic, SG/SF, SAC, 47% owned

#59 ESPN PR last 30 days

Tied for 12th most 3PM over the past month and tied for 11th most total steals, Bogdanovic is just a nice piece to have: only 21 players average 6+ 3PA on 36+ 3PT% with 3+ RPG and 3+ APG on the season, including Bogdanovic. That’s solid peripheral production. Were he on a faster team, Bogdanovic’s numbers would handsomely improve. Keep an eye on him this off-season, as his value may increase if he’s traded to another team.

Tim Hardaway, Jr., SG/SF, DAL, 42% owned

#60 ESPN PR last 30 days

Timmy’s tied with Khris Middleton (99% owned) for total FGA over the last 30 days, 179 (top 30 in the NBA). Hardaway has 43 total 3PM to Middleton’s 26 over that span. Hardaway is tied for 8th in total 3PM the past 30 days. He just dropped 30 on the Indiana Pacers. Since January 1st, he’s averaging 18+ PPG (45 FG%) with 3+ 3PM (43+ 3PT%).

Davis Bertans, PF/C, WAS, 58% owned

#71 ESPN PR last 30 days

Sixth in total 3PM over the last 30 days, Bertans delivers elite perimeter scoring from the Center position. He’s made 29 total threes over his past five games, and he’s scored 20+ in three of those five. He’s grabbing 4+ boards per game, but it’s really his long range acumen that’s valuable, especially considering his potential to give you 20+ points on a good night. If you’re having trouble with your rebounds right now, you could just lean into it, and go with a sharpshooting big, instead.

Cam Reddish, SF/SG, ATL, 14% owned

#96 ESPN PR last 30 days

Since the new year began Reddish is scoring 13 PPG on 44% shooting (and, 40+ 3PT% on 4+ 3PA per game), with 3+ RPG, 1+ APG, and 1+ SPG. Not terrible! This is indeed improvement, which is great to see from the rookie. Those numbers are similar to Josh Richardson’s numbers this year, which isn’t great, but is nowhere near as bad as what they were before the calendar changed. If Reddish is breaking out of his shell and into an actual NBA player, then you may never get another chance to pick him up for free. If you have roster space in a dynasty league, I think he’s a must add. I like him more than Deandre Hunter, FWIW.

Markelle Fultz, PG, ORL, 47% owned

#101 ESPN PR entire season

Fultz hasn’t been a top 100 player over the past month, but he is top 12 in total assists over that time. Fultz is averaging 13 points and 6 dimes in 2020, with 3+ RPG and 1+ SPG. Those are real fantasy numbers! Only 23 players are averaging 13+ PPG and 6+ APG in the NBA this year, and ALL OF THEM are highly owned. Fultz doesn’t have a perimeter game yet, and maybe he never will, but we’ve seen that some players can thrive (at least, in fantasy) without outside shots: DeMar DeChozan, Ben Simmons, Sergeant Russell Westbrook to name a few. If Fultz can keep up his efficiency (nearly 50 FG% in 2020), and continue to accrue assists, then he’ll absolutely be a valuable fantasy asset going forward. Remember, Fultz is only 21 years old. This is another player to roster if you have an open spot in a dynasty league. Dimes are extremely valuable in fantasy, even more so now that rebounds are becoming somewhat democratized. Having a high volume distributor is a necessity for success in the fantasy playoffs.