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NBA Season Officially Suspended

The NBA has suspended its season until further notice and no games will be held for the time being.

New Orleans Pelicans v Sacramento Kings Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It finally happened, and it’s alright.

With Coronavirus spreading all over the world—it’s present in at least 111 countries as of this writing—the NBA took the most logical step in shutting down the league yesterday night before the start of the Utah Jazz at Oklahoma City Thunder game. The Kings and Pelicans also saw their matchup canceled before tipoff.

In a crazy night that started with news about Rudy Gobert testing positive on COVID-19, the league put the season on hiatus to no one’s surprise but to everyone’s shock. It was the good move, though, as most sports competitions around the world, not just the USA, are stopping their operations and putting games on pause at least until April or further down the year.

No NBA games will be played during the next few days or weeks—it’s still to be known how the league will exactly proceed—and the G League has also stopped their games. It’s probably just a matter of time other tournaments such as March Madness are straight suspended, and not out of the equation to get news from other leagues—NHL, MLB,...—following the same route.

Be safe out there, wash your hands every minute, keep unnecessary contact with others at minimum, and stay cool. We’ll keep you updated with all of the information you can get, but no fantasy nor real-life fun related to hoops for now.