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Double-double machines to add to your fantasy basketball team

A few players who are posting double-doubles (or close to) to trade for or snag off waivers.

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Since it was 2/2/20 when I started writing this, I decided to take a look at players around the league who are averaging a double-double, or at least are close to it.

15 players are averaging 10+ PPG and 10+ RPG. Only three also get you a block and a steal per game: Andre Drummond, Bam Adebayo, and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Drummond’s real life status is up in the air pre-trade deadline, but his fantasy profile is as solid as the pillars of the Earth: he’s tied for most double-doubles on the season, 39, with Giannis. Anytime you’re doing something “with Giannis” or “tied with Giannis”, you should consider that a good sign. Drum’s fantasy value exceeds his IRL value (I love him, but true), but he’s still only 26 years old (Giannis is 25). I think Drum is a possible buy-low target, especially if he gets traded and his owner is a Detroit fan.

Out of those 15 players, eight also take at least one three per game. Only three average 4+ 3PA: Karl-Anthony Towns (8+ 3PA, 40 3PT%), Giannis (5 3PA, 31.8 3PT%), and Nikola Vucevic (4.8 3PA, 35.4 3PT%).

Vooch is also averaging 0.9 SPG and 0.9 BPG, and 11 RPG, and 3.5 APG. He has more double-doubles than Westbrook, by the way. Vucevic is underrated as a fantasy asset, even if he’s owned at elite levels. We just don’t talk about him that much, or the Magic in general, unless it’s to lament the stymied progress of Aaron Gordon.

Only one player is averaging a dub-dub with points and assists, future MVP LeBron James. Altogether, 16 players are averaging double-doubles. All of them are 90+% owned, obviously.

Who’s close to averaging 10 and 10, though? And, who’s getting closer?

NBA: Preseason-Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Favors is averaging 10 RPG and 9.8 PPG, so he basically counts, but he’s already 90+% owned. There are nine players who average 9+ RPG, but all of those players are also highly owned.

Larry Nance Jr., is averaging 9+ PPG and 7+ RPG, and he could be due for more shots and boards if he gets traded by the Cavs, or if Kevin Love was somehow traded.

Ivica Zubac averages 8 and 7, but he plays fewer than 20 minutes per game. If the Clippers traded him, or if they gave him more playing time, then Zubac could quickly become a dub-dub threat right away. He’s less than 25% owned, so put him on your watch list, just in case the Clips make moves.

Enes Kanter has averaged 10+ PPG and 9+ RPG since December 1st, but he’s been dealing with a hip injury recently. He’s 60% owned. When given the minutes, Kanter averages a double-double throughout his career. He’s also only 27 years old.

Before he got injured, Moe Wagner on the Wizards was averaging 11 and 6 with 1+ 3PM. He’s only 4% owned on ESPN, and could be a nice second half player, whether he remains in DC or not.

John Collins on Atlanta has basically averaged a 20 and 10 since the new year began. Since January 1st, he’s shooting 57% on 14 shots per game, including 32% from three, along with 1.6 BPG. Not many people score twenty points a game. He only has a dozen double-doubles on the season, but he missed games, and he’s tied with LaMarcus Aldridge in total dub-dubs, even though LMA has played in double the minutes that Collins has played. John Collins is already owned like a star, but we’ll see if the points maintain: only three of the top 20 rebounders also score 20+ PPG (Giannis, Joel Embiid, and Big KAT).

NBA: Phoenix Suns at New York Knicks Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

As for double-doubles with assists, LeBron’s the only person averaging 10+ APG, as we said before. However, since December 1st, 15 players have averaged 10+ PPG and 7+ APG, including Ja Morant, who’s averaging 16+ PPG and 7+ APG, while shooting 37+% from three, and better than 51% from the floor overall. That’s better than Malcolm Brogdon over that same stretch of time.

Elfrid Payton has averaged 10+ PPG and 7+ APG since the new year began, while Lonzo Ball is at 13 and 9 (shooting ratios have been better recently, too).

26 players have amassed 80+ total assists over the past month. Of those, only Ish Smith (14.5% owned), TJ McConnell (5.6% owned), Tomas Satoransky (46% owned), Shabazz Napier (32.2% owned), and Elfrid Payton (37.7% owned) are less than 50% owned. If Satoransky, Napier, or Payton is available in your league, you should pick them up immediately.

There’s a quick look at a handful of players who’ll get dub-dubs for your fantasy team.

All numbers as of February 2nd, 2020. All stats courtesy of and Thank you!