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Week 9 bold predictions: Drew Lock puts on a show

Drew Lock is carrying us through November.

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Just a refresher – I will provide five bold predictions each week. I will grade those five bold picks on the old elementary scale of grades A-D.

Here are my five bold predictions for Week 9 fantasy football.

1. Drew Lock will finish a top 8 quarterback against the Falcons

Justification: Let me be clear, Lock is NOT elite, but he is a quarterback who can make the most of the right circumstances. Fresh off a 248 yard three touchdown effort against LAC last week where Denver won, he faces Atlanta who has allowed the most points to opposing quarterbacks this season. Denver is increasing his attempts each of the last three weeks as they utilize their passing game MUCH more.

2. DK Metcalf finishes outside the top 10 wide receivers vs the Bills

Justification: Seahawks face the Buffalo Bills who allowed a lot of touchdowns earlier this year to receivers but as of late they have done a better job. Despite Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde both being excellent safeties, this means little to Wilson who is having his way with defenses but as of late he’s picking a target and sticking with it. So it’s EITHER Tyler Lockett or DK Metcalf. The last four games one of the Seattle receivers has had 150+ yards and a touchdown while the other has next to nothing. There is a slight tendency with the Bills safeties that the speedy smaller one excels so I’m guessing Lockett is in for the big week.

3. Washington vs. New York Giants has an over/under of 43, give me the over at 48.5

Justification: Offense is obviously not massive on either team but it really hasn’t been each of the last two years. Over the last two years, the second time these two play in a season they more than double the total number of points scored vs. the first time. They figure out the defensive weakness and exploit it in game two. Daniel Jones looked good last week at Tampa Bay and Kyle Allen has improved since he took over three weeks ago. Washington’s point total has gone from 10 points to 19 to 25 points in their second win of the season vs. Dallas last week.

4. Devin Singletary finishes inside the top 13 running backs vs the Seahawks

Justification: Singletary is facing Seahawks so we are featuring this game twice here. Seattle allowed rushing touchdowns each of the last three games. Singletary could punch one in here and perhaps 80 or so yards to go with it. Buffalo nearly doubled his carry load last week from the previous week.

5. Anthony Firkser finishes inside the top 10 at tight end vs the Bears

Justification: Chicago has allowed five touchdowns to opposing tight ends across their eight weeks this season. They have also allowed six tight ends to have over 40 receiving yards. Firkser has 156 yards and a touchdown across his last three games. There is a chance Jonnu Smith takes the receptions but I think Firkser nabs a touchdown or 60 yards this week.

Week 8 Outcome

1.) Russell Wilson is slotted as the 2nd best QB this week, he throws for fewer than 3 TDs for just the 2nd time this season and finishes outside the top 10. Outcome: Russell went off on the 49ers torching them with not only four TDs but 261 yards and 23 rushing yards finishing exactly where he was slotted: 2nd. Grade D.

2.) Tyler Boyd is listed as the 22nd best WR. He finishes inside the top 12. Outcome: Tyler finished with 67 yards and one TD finishing 17th comfortably above 22nd but well below 12th. Grade B.

3.) Las Vegas vs. Cleveland has an over/under of 50.5 points. Give me the over at 55.5 pts. Outcome: With 40mph winds and a bevy of drops by both teams this finished carnally under 50 total points. Grade D.

4.) Dalvin Cook is listed as the 9th best RB this week, he finishes in the top 3. Outcome: Dalvin finished with four total TDs and 163 rushing yards finishing 1st among RBs. Grade A.

5.) Ryan Izzo is listed as the 36th best TE, he finishes in the top 15 this week. Outcome: Izzo finished 26th, solidly below 15th. Grade C.

2020 Grades:

Grade A: 14 times
Grade B: 8 times
Grade C: 5 times
Grade D: 13 times