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Week 12 bold predictions: Tom Brady bounces back

Tom Brady is about to go off this weekend

Getty Images/Peter Rogers Illustrations

Just a refresher – I will provide 5 bold predictions each week. I will grade those 5 bold picks on the old elementary scale of grades A-D. This weird players in and out over the last two weeks is causing havoc on me.

Here are my bold predictions for NFL Week 12.

1. Tom Brady will be a top 5 quarterback this week

Justification: This is a no brainer and I brought it up two weeks ago when he went off and everyone EXCEPT my pick Leonard had an amazing game. This time I’m going to the source, he was called out by Arians and you KNOW he’s going to give everything he has to a talented Kansas City team (who I will add has allowed five total touchdowns to Teddy Bridgewater and Derek Carr over the last two games).

2. D.J. Moore will finish inside the top 10 at wide receiver

Justification: Moore’s last two games—one with Teddy Bridgewater one with PJ Walker—have yielded at least 19 points each week including 4/7-96-1 one week and 7/11-127-0 the next. Since Minnesota’s bye week, they have allowed five touchdowns to receivers over the last four games. The only team who couldn’t score was Chicago who is clearly a mess at quarterback right now.

3. New Orleans Saints vs. Denver Broncos has an over/under of 43.5pts. Give me the over at 48.5pts

Justification: Denver has been over 48 points in four of their last five games. The Saints have covered the spread in their last three but their totals are the issue. They have fallen UNDER 43 points in each of the last three games but I think that turns this week as the Saints scores are much higher on the road then at home.

Editors Note: This was written prior to the Broncos losing all their quarterbacks

4. Aaron Jones will finish outside the top 12 vs the Bears

Justification: I swear I’m not hating on the Packers intentionally (having gone against Davante Adams last week). Chicago’s defense has not allowed a touchdown to an opposing running back in the last four games and only one running back has 100 yards rushing against them. Jones carries appear to be going down as Aaron Rodgers is throwing more.

5. Tyler Eifert scores his first touchdown of the season

Justification: Jacksonville faces Cleveland who has allowed three touchdowns to opposing tight ends over the last two weeks. The Browns defense has been stifling due to horrible weather conditions. Now that they are in Jacksonville with good weather, I see a highs coring affair.

Week 11 Outcome

1. Matthew Stafford is listed as the 23rd best QB, he finishes as a top 10 QB this week. Outcome: This was absolutely brutal. Not. A. Single. Point. Grade D.

2. Davante Adams is listed as the top WR this week but he will finish outside the top 10. Outcome: He got a catch in the final 45 seconds that brought him within the top 10. He barely got to 8th. Grade B.

3. Carolina Panthers vs. Detroit Lions has the Panthers -1.5, give me the Lions + 5 Outcome: I doubled down on the WRONG game. The Lions are dead to me. Grade D.

4. Salvon Ahmed is listed as the 27th best RB, he finishes inside the top 12. Outcome: Salvon got the carries, he just couldn’t convert as far as I hoped. He finished 20th. Grade C.

5. Logan Thomas is listed as the 8th best TE this week, he finishes 1st with a season high number of points. Outcome: He runs the most routes of anyone in the NFL, this was an UTTER embarrassment. 2/5-6-0. Grade D.

2020 Grades:

Grade A: 17 times
Grade B: 9 times
Grade C: 7 times
Grade D: 22 times