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Start Tom Brady or Jameis Winston?

Plus, which tight end to start: Jonnu Smith or Mike Gesicki?

USA Today/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Welcome to the Fake Teams’ fantasy football mailbag! If you want to send in your questions for next week’s mailbag, here are the ways to join:

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Onto the mailbag:

Q: PPR TE prem Jonnu or Gesicki?
— @StillyRyan

It’s a tough decision, but go with Jonnu Smith. The Ravens and Broncos defense are pretty even at covering tight ends—both giving up around 12 PPR points a game to the position—so I’ll break in favor of the higher targeted tight end. Smith is on the field more regularly than Mike Gesicki and could be a target hog for Ryan Tannehill with the Ravens secondary being stout against wide receivers. Gesicki isn’t reliably being targeted or even on the field with Tua Tagovailoa under center.

Q: Winston or Brady this week (I simultaneously can and can not believe I’m asking this)
— @jasonaschnur


My first step when answering someone’s question on the mailbag is to check defensive points allowed to the position. Well, the Falcons are allowing the second most to quarterbacks this year while the Rams are allowing the second fewest. As someone who always embraces the wild and insane so I’m voting you start Jameis Winston this week. The Falcons vs Saints games always turn into slugfests and while Winston is sure to throw a couple of interceptions, he’s also more than likely to throw a couple of touchdowns against a secondary giving up the most passing touchdowns this year.

We’ve seen Tom Brady have some below average to downright BAD games this year from a fantasy standpoint. My guess is this game plays out a lot like his performances against the Bears and Packers, both games he finished with under 15 fantasy points.

Q: Henderson or Gordon?
— @andrew_schuba

Can I answer neither? Good lord hate these options. I make it a thing to avoid the Rams backfield at all costs, especially against a top defense like the Buccaneers. Meanwhile, Melvin Gordon has been doing a whole bunch of nothing recently and the the Dolphins run defense has been even better than the Bucs the last four weeks. I guess Gordon just because I’d trust his workload more? Honestly, I would try to find anyone else to play over these two guys.

Q: In a PPR league, should my flex be Alan Lazard, Travis Fulgham, Robert Woods, or whoever is WR1 for Detroit (Golladay or Marvin)?
— @a_a_ron_att

Easy answer is Robert Woods. I have him ranked above everyone else in my WR rankings for this week and while the Buccaneers defense has been good this season, they’re league average for points allowed to wide receivers this season AND have allowed the 10th most rushing yards to receivers, something we saw Woods do throughout this season.

I obviously love the upside of Allen Lazard but he does carry risk if he tweaks anything game day or if the Aaron Rodgers/Marquez Valdes-Scantling chemistry has become real. I have such little faith the Eagles offense, especially since this game is being played in Cleveland which has had two MAJOR windy games which has shutdown both team’s passing game. Fade the Lions. Matthew Stafford has a busted thumb on his throwing hand.

Q: What 5 nba personalities would you want to quarantine with? You have to have at least 1 one player, 1 coach, and 1 analyst/writer/exec/reporter. And the rest is your call
— Will G.

Right off the bat I’m starting with Klay Thompson who a) I love as a basketball player and b) is without a doubt the chillest bro in the league so clear number one there. Number two would be Jaylen Brown for the intellectual conversations and also general chill vibes. Three and four are Kevin Garnett and Charles Barkley for the extreme NON-chill vibes. KG and Chuck fighting the entire time would be endless entertainment and I also would love to hear KG stories from KG’s mouth. So I guess I need a coach now... I know I’m stacking heavy Celtics but Bill Russell is my coach pick. He is arguably my favorite basketball player of all time despite never seeing him play and I would love to hear his stories.

Final crew: Klay Thompson, Jaylen Brown, Kevin Garnett, Charles Barkley, Bill Russell

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