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2020 Fantasy Football Rankings: Defenses for Week 10

DSTs ranked for Week 9 of the NFL season.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Another success in Week 9 where the New York Giants as my top streaming option returned you the DST4 fantasy score against the Washington Football Team. Five total turnovers (three interceptions, two forced fumbles) along with a pair of sacks helped the Giants to their second win of the season (both over Washington), and continued to cement the Giants’ defense as a top 10 fantasy defense in 2020.

The top fantasy defense of Week 9 went to the Saints as they held Tom Brady and the Buccaneers to just three points and intercepted him three times to finish with 16 fantasy points. We also saw double digit fantasy points from the Ravens (14), Titans (14) and Bills (12) as their defenses stepped up to secure victories for each of their franchises last week.

Week 10 Top Streaming Option: Miami Dolphins vs vs Los Angeles Chargers (32% rostered)

I’m picking the Dolphins again as they continue to be criminally under rostered despite being the DST4 in 2020. Facing a Chargers team travelling East, the Dolphins are set up well to give Justin Herbert and the LA offense problems. Despite allowing the 17th most yards, the Dolphins are a top five team in points allowed (4th) and turnovers (4th), plus they have a pair of defensive touchdowns and a punt return touchdowns on the season. At under a third owned, the Dolphins are a steal this week to give your team a boost with the fantasy playoffs just around the corner.

Week 10 D/ST Rankings

Rank Team Opponent Owned
Rank Team Opponent Owned
1 Ravens @ Patriots 99%
2 Steelers vs Bengals 99%
3 Eagles @ Giants 50%
4 Saints vs 49ers 49%
5 Dolphins vs Chargers 32%
6 Buccaneers @ Panthers 84%
7 Giants vs Eagles 41%
8 Colts @ Titans 75%
9 Washington @ Lions 68%
10 49ers @ Saints 58%
11 Rams vs Seahawks 52%
12 Bills @ Cardinals 57%
13 Bears vs Vikings 71%
14 Cardinals vs Bills 40%
15 Browns vs Texans 15%
16 Packers vs Jaguars 38%
17 Vikings @ Bears 23%
18 Patriots vs Ravens 91%
19 Seahawks @ Rams 31%
20 Titans vs Colts 64%
21 Broncos @ Raiders 22%
22 Chargers @ Dolphins 44%
23 Panthers vs Buccaneers 3%
24 Bengals @ Steelers 2%
25 Raiders vs Broncos 3%
26 Lions vs Washington 3%
27 Texans @ Browns 37%
28 Jaguars @ Packers 1%