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2020 Fantasy Football Rankings: Defenses for Week 7

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DSTs ranked for Week 7 of the NFL season.

Indianapolis Colts v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Some strong fantasy defense performances in Week 6, with six teams scoring you at least 14 points if you were lucky enough to roster. The Steelers and Buccaneers led the way with 19 and 18 points respectively, with each turning the ball over twice and scoring a defensive touchdown on the way to victories. Right behind them were two of the lowest rostered defenses, including my stream of the week, the Miami Dolphins, who shut out the woeful Jets to finish with 15 points. The Giants, who went into Week 6 rostered in just 2% of leagues, finished with 14 points as they got their first win of the season.

Looking to Week 7 and we’re missing three of the top five scoring fantasy defenses with the Ravens, Colts and Dolphins on a bye week so you may need to start looking outside the box for a streamer to give you that fantasy edge this week.

Week 7 Top Streaming Option: Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals (24% owned)

Not an easy one this week but despite the Browns’ defense struggling last week against Steelers, scoring just one point, they face another divisional match up against the Bengals who should provide a much better opportunity for points. The Bengals have given up the second most sacks which should see Miles Garrett licking his lips, and Cincy’s eight total turnovers given up ranks 21st and make the Browns a consideration to roster this week.

Week 7 D/ST Rankings

Rank Team Opponent Owned
Rank Team Opponent Owned
1 Rams vs Bears 90%
2 Bills @ Jets 70%
3 Buccaneers @ Raiders 54%
4 Chiefs @ Broncos 81%
5 Browns @ Bengals 24%
6 Giants @ Eagles 43%
7 Patriots vs 49ers 95%
8 Steelers @ Titans 97%
9 Eagles vs Giants 33%
10 Bears @ Rams 78%
11 Washington vs Cowboys 34%
12 Broncos vs Chiefs 26%
13 49ers @ Patriots 77%
14 Cardinals vs Seahawks 26%
15 Seahawks @ Cardinals 32%
16 Packers @ Texans 22%
17 Chargers vs Jaguars 29%
18 Panthers @ Saints 19%
19 Saints vs Panthers 41%
20 Jets vs Bills 6%
21 Titans vs Steelers 42%
22 Bengals vs Browns 3%
23 Falcons vs Lions 1%
24 Jaguars @ Chargers 2%
25 Cowboys @ Washington 29%
26 Lions @ Falcons 3%
27 Raiders vs Buccaneers 1%
28 Texans vs Packers 8%