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Antonio Brown signs a one-year deal with the Patriots

Wide receiver Antonio Brown has signed a one-year deal with the New England Patriots, because of course.

Fantasy Impact

What a rollercoaster for Brown owners. First, going from playing to not playing, to playing again, to being released, and now, finally, he’s not only playing, but playing for the Patriots and with Tom Brady. That’s a huge upgrade over Derek Carr. If you’re a Brown owner and you held onto him, well, you deserve a round of applause. Who knows what will happen next, but if there’s any environment that can get people to buy in and do their job, it’s New England. I have no idea what to expect but damn it’s going to be a crazy ride, I can promise you that much.

This does depress Josh Gordon’s fantasy value unfortunately (something that’s crushing to me personally as a Gordon owner) and basically means Demaryius Thomas is done. Julian Edelman will always be Brady’s number one but now instead of Gordon being the clear number two in the passing game, he’ll have to compete with Brown, who I’d assume will receive his normal workload. But, to play devil’s advocate, Brown actually could be amazing for Gordon since he and Edelman will receive all the defense’s attention, allowing Gordon to go one-on-one with a team’s 3rd string corner. So actually, this might be amazing for Gordon. Shit, did I just talk myself into this? I DID! I’M IN! LETS GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!