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The best fantasy football team names for 2019

Still need a good fantasy team name that stands out? Look no further.

Pete Rogers Illustrations

I respect the process of keeping an original team name that you’ve had for years because you enjoy the dynastic qualities of fantasy competition, but sometimes you just want to have a team name that’s apropos of the current times. Fantasy football is supposed to be fun!

We covered a variety of different categories last year for fantasy football names including Pop Culture, Brad Pitt movies, and Politics (2018 was goofy) so this year it’s being brought back in a more all-encompassing way by giving a few team names to cover very niche interests. Let’s help you have some fun with your squad:

Playing the Slots

Slot Girl Summer

Slot Nerd Fall

In case you’re not into the hip-hop/Instagram scene, Summer of 2019 was unofficially Hot Girl Summer, and now Megan Thee Stallion has dubbed it Hot Nerd Fall— which I think can be interpreted specifically as targeting us fantasy nerds who have spent the past three quarters of 2019 making spreadsheets and mining analytics. Time to shine, dorks!

One More for Politics

Nuk Hurricanes

This one is for the drafters who would not let DeAndre Hopkins get out of the second round. It’s also a play on the reports that Donald Trump suggested “nuking” hurricanes to stop them from making landfall.

Popular Music

You Need to Calm Brown

Darnold Town Road

Cuz I Love JuJu

Popular music has been dominated by Lil Nas X and Lizzo this summer, whether your love it or not. Taylor Swift’s new album Lover is firmly her second best ever and comes with certified bops. Therefore, we have odes to the songs You Need to Calm Down and Old Town Road; and to Lizzo’s album Cuz I Love You.

For those who believe in a Sam Darnold breakout and a potential target magnet in JuJu Smith-Schuster, we got you. Also, Antonio Brown, Marquise Brown, John Brown, A.J. Brown, Cleveland Browns?! We got you covered so you can avoid the evergreen “What Can Brown Do For You?” team name.

Prestige TV

Moore on the Floor

Number One Boykin

Jax Capital

Diggs Little Lies

Big Kittle Lies

Game of Mahomes

A Knight of the Dalvin Kingdoms

BoDak Horseman

Rushin’ Doll

Where are my Succession heads at?! In your quest for power this fantasy season, assert your dominance with these Miles Boykin and D.J. Moore/David Moore team names. Doesn’t get any more niche than receivers you might leave on the bench and an HBO show combination for a team name. Blame it on the jet lag.

Lamar Jackson is being highly touted this fantasy season so if you grabbed him, Jax Capital is a personal favorite of mine as a play on Axe Capital from Billions on Showtime. You might say I have a thing for shows about rich people doing rich people things. Also, how great was Meryl Streep in Big Little Lies?

Best of the Rest

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Brown— a little long, but special for all the Quentin Tarantino stans having a big summer.

Saquanda Forever!— “On your left,” - Saquon Barkley, running by folks all season.