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Week 3 bold predictions: It’s Teddy Time!

Plus, I'm bullish on a kicker who is 3% owned!

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Prediction 1: Teddy Bridgewater throws for 300+ yards and 2 touchdowns in his second start since 2015

Justification: He stepped in part way through the game against a difficult LA Rams opponent going 17 for 30 with 165 yards and he rushed for 5 yards. Now he faces a much more average Seattle defense who allowed 418 yards to Cincinnati at home two weeks ago before ALSO facing a backup in Mason Rudolph last week.

Prediction 2: Davante Adams is projected as a top 10 WR, he will not finish in the top 25

Justification: I believe in Denver’s defense. I also am beginning to believe that Davante will be all or none player and I think this week he is a none (aka maybe a TD and 10 yards or 45 yards and no touchdown). In week 1 he caught four receptions on eight targets, week 2 he had seven receptions in nine targets. I’m leaning closer to week 1 repeat this week.

Prediction 3: I have not seen a line on the Carolina vs. Arizona game (likely due to the uncertainty on who is starting for the Panthers) but give me Arizona -8.5

Justification: I think the Cardinals are good. Kyler Murray isn’t running the ball, he’s almost a step back and releasing the ball on some snaps in this high octane quick moving offense. I’m quickly jumping on the Arizona train.

Prediction 4: Frank Gore is currently listed as the 40th best RB, he finishes as a top 15 RB this week

Justification: Frank Gore got his first Rushing Touchdown since 2017 last week. He went form 11 attempts in week 1 to 19 attempts in week 2. Buffalo will be rushing quite a bit against a Cincinnati defense

Prediction 5: Josh Lambo has more points in week 3 than he had in weeks 1 and 2 combined

Justification: He’s hit 2 FG each week and I think he has four in week 3. Tennessee will have a bend don’t break defense in place for Jacksonville and I think the Jaguars end up repeatedly in kicking territory for a game that is supposed to have scattered showers. He is 12th currently in points among kickers this year hindered largely by the lack of PAT.

Recapping Week 2

Prediction 1: Sammy Watkins puts up 150 receiving yards again.

Recap: Well Kansas City certainly succeeded. Patrick Mahomes succeeded, heck two receivers even succeeded as Demarcus Robinson had 172 yards and 2 TDs while Travis Kelce had 107 yards and 1 TD. Even Mecole Hardman had 61 yards and a touchdown. Scroll down to fourth on the WR depth chart to find Sammy Watkins with 49 yards. (Grade: D)

Prediction 2: Vikings vs. Packers has over/under line of 44.5. Give me the over at 50.5

Recap: If you remember, two of the last three meetings between these two at Lambeau Field had over 50 points. At the end of the first half this game had 31 points. Things. Were. Looking. Good. Then the second half happened – six friggen points. Total over under ended up at 37. (Grade: D)

Prediction 3: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Atlanta Falcons has PHI -1.5, give me ATL -4.5

Recap: Atlanta won by four points. I am bullish on the Falcons this season. It wasn’t exactly 4.5 but it was 5.5 points against the spread in favor of the Falcons. (Grade: B)

Prediction 4: Tennessee Titans will be a top five D/ST again this week. They are currently projected as a 15-20 team

Recap: They finished 7th with 19 points against, 3 sacks, a forced fumble and interception. The outcome of the game surprised me but not the sacks and turnovers. (Grade: B)

YTD Grades:

Grade A: 3
Grade B: 2
Grade C: 1
Grade D: 3