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2019 Fantasy Football Rankings: Defenses for Week 3

Top 20 Defenses for Week 3

NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It was no surprise that last week’s number 1 predicted defense came through for me as the Patriots put up 35 fantasy points in the romp over the Dolphins. The Patriots have jumped up from 77% to 88% owned over the last week and will again be a must start this week as they face the Luke Falk led Jets, who is starting his first NFL game on the road in Foxborough.

The rankings have been updated with the latest owned percentage (from ESPN) so you can see the teams you’re most likely to be able to find on the waiver wire this week, though obviously if you’ve already got ‘em, then start ‘em.

Week 3 Defense Rankings

Ranking Team Opponent % Owned Comment
Ranking Team Opponent % Owned Comment
1 Cowboys vs Dolphins 37.5% At home versus the league's worst offense. Run to the waiver wire and pick up the Cowboys defense
2 Patriots vs Jets 88.7% The top fantasy defense in the league against a QB making his first ever start. Yes please
3 Vikings vs Raiders 89.2% A long day in store for Carr and co against one of the league's top defenses in their own building
4 Bills vs Bengals 88.3% The Bengals crumbled last week against the 49ers and the Bills are an even tougher proposition
5 49ers vs Steelers 14.2% The 49ers will relish facing a QB making his first start in their own building
6 Seahawks vs Saints 13.5% Strong streaming option this week with Teddy Bridgewater starting for Drew Brees
7 Bears @ Redskins 99.3% Bears are a must start every week and have punished the run especially in the opening 2 weeks
8 Packers vs Broncos 7.1% Criminally underowned, the Packers have shut down the pass in the first 2 weeks
9 Titans @ Jaguars 55.6% Titans strength against the pass makes them a must start against Gardner Minshew this week
10 Rams @ Browns 91.5% Strong against both the pass and run, the Rams' defense is a must start
11 Buccaneers vs Giants 0.6% Bucs will look to give Daniel Jones a rough introduction to the NFL
12 Lions @ Eagles 2.3% Injuries to the Eagles' receiving corps makes a Lions an intriguing start this week
13 Chargers vs Texans 70.9% The Chargers' pass rush needs to get going and the Texans' o-line can't help giving up sacks
14 Ravens @ Chiefs 87.0% Can the Ravens be the team that puts the shackles on Mahomes and his pals?
15 Texans @ Chargers 61.2% The Texans smothered the Jaguars last week and will get after Rivers on the road
16 Saints @ Seahawks 77.3% Despite the hit to the offense, the defense is still a legit streaming option this week
17 Colts vs Falcons 24.4% Colts defense matches up well with Falcons strength on offense and should dominate in Indy
18 Chiefs vs Ravens 12.5% Toughest outing yet for a Chiefs' defense that has been a borderline start through weeks 1 and 2
19 Jaguars vs Titans 82.3% The Jalen Ramsey shenanigans won't help but the Titans' offense is average and can be exploited on TNF
20 Jets @ Patriots 16.1% A tough task agaiunst the high-flying Patriots, but the Jets are a good all-round defense