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30 fantasy baseball thoughts from Week 24 of MLB action

Nico Hoerner, take the chance on him deep leaguers!

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

AL East

Baltimore Orioles: If you had told me at the beginning of the season that Jonathan Villar would have more stolen bases than Trea Turner, Billy Hamilton, Dee Gordon and Elvis Andus I um...wouldn’t believe you.

Boston Red Sox: Rafael Devers has the 2nd most hits in the MLB this year behind only Whit Merrifield.

New York Yankees: Paxton Lynch has five wins in his last 30 innings pitched, about the quickest to that total around the MLB over that time.

Tampa Bay Rays: Tommy Pham is a top 15 player over the last 30 days with 16 runs, 13 RBI’s, 7 SB and a .341 avg. He is 94% owned because of his slight dip post All-Star break.

Toronto Blue Jays:

AL Central

Chicago White Sox: Jose Abreu is a top 15 player over the last 30 days with 19 runs, 31 RBIs a .343 average and a .417 OBP

Cleveland Indians: Shane Bieber with a robust 8 K/BB and two wins along with a 2.75 ERA over the last 30 days.

Detroit Tigers: Something to remember for future years (since he’s out this season) there is one pitcher with at least 10 innings pitched and a 0 ERA - Matt Moore.

Kansas City Royals: Ian Kennedy has pulled off quite the recent stat line - two wins, 7 saves+holds, 2.25 ERA and 3 K/BB over his last 12 innings pitched.

Minnesota Twins: 76% owned Taylor Rogers with a sub 1.1 ERA and a 8 saves + holds over the last 30 days, the 3rd most in MLB.

AL West

Houston Astros: Justin Verlander has been the best pitcher over the last 30 days with 37 innings pitched a 1.21 ERA, 3 wins and an INSANE 23.5 K/BB. Just think about that, 23 strikes for every 1 walk.

Los Angeles Angels: Curious who has the WORST pitching stat line over the last month? Justin Anderson who pitched .1 innings with a 54 ERA and 6 WHIP.

Oakland Athletics: Marcus Semien is one of the ten best players over the last 30 days with 18 runs, 23 RBIs, 2 stolen bases and a .398 AVG. He is 81% owned.

Seattle Mariners: 54% owned Kyle Seager who is very frustrating to own has this slash line over the last month: 18 runs, 31 RBIs, a stolen base, .293 AVG and a .707 slugging line.

Texas Rangers: Nick Solak is 18% owned and has a .347 AVG, .460 OBP and a sporting 16 runs with 13 RBI’s over the last 30 days.

NL East

Atlanta Braves: Josh Donaldson seems to enjoy zigging when we zag, he’s a top 25 player over the last 30 days with 25 runs, 20 RBI’s a stolen base, .267 AVG and a .416 OBP over the last 30 days.

Miami Marlins: Jon Berti who is eligible for every position including GM and owner..ok maybe not owner but definitely GM, has the second most runs amongst 2B over the last month.

New York Mets: Todd Frazier is leading the MLB in RBIs over the last two weeks! I really enjoy this, he is the previous star who comes back twice a year to remind you what he can do!

Philadelphia Phillies: Bryce Harper quietly putting up 22 RBI’s, six stolen bases a .284 AVG and a .383 OBP over the last 30 days.

Washington Nationals: Last 30 days, Anthony Rendon has 25 runs, 24 RBIs and a .392 average! This player DOES NOT GET ENOUGH RESPECT for what he does.

NL Central

Chicago Cubs: Nico Hoerner called up 10% owned. Late league owners check him out now!

Cincinnati Reds: Eugenio Suarez has the 2nd most HR in MLB and yet is 97% owned.

Milwaukee Brewers: Christian Yelich’s injury paired with what happened to Aaron Judge earlier this year and Giancarlo Stanton has me continually amazed at how healthy Mike Trout stays year after year.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Kevin Newman is 59% owned and has 21 runs, 14 RBI’s, 5 stolen bases and a .337 AVG over the last 30 days.

St. Louis Cardinals: Kolton Wong came out strong earlier this season and then went stone quiet. He’s BAAAACK at 42% owned he has a .337 AVG and .404 OBP over the last 30 days.

NL West

Arizona Diamondbacks: Wilmer Flores is 11% owned. Wilmer Flores has a .417 AVG over the last 30 days. Wilmer Flores has a .453 OBP over the last 30 days. Wilmer Flores has a .783 Slugging over the last 30 days. Wilmer Flores is not being used all the time but enough to be considered.

Colorado Rockies: I am constantly on Garret Hampson watch and he’s hit .250 over the last 2 weeks. Small sample size but he’s only 8% owned.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Corey Seager has the 2nd most RBI’s over the last two weeks WHILE also batting .174. I want to golf clap this effort.

San Diego Padres: I don’t think I even think I need to put up Kirby Yates numbers over the last month, I will just surmise, they look good.

San Francisco Giants: Donovan Solano has the 2nd fewest RBI’s for any second basemen with at least 50 ab over the last month and YET he has .296 batting average.