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Week 2 Bold Predictions: Sammy Watkins will shine in his encore

Sammy Watkins, Fantasy Gold!

USA Today/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Having three perfect predictions in Week 1 has me thinking I went too light, I’m ramping up my boldness a bit in week 2.

Prediction 1: Sammy Watkins puts up 150 receiving yards AGAIN!

Justification: This is rare for even the top WR. Oakland will be watching but man did he look like he works well with Patrick Mahomes and I am trusting in him to shine again. I typically run away from a big performance like this in the next week but it looked so seamless between the two last week.

Prediction 2: Vikings vs. Packers has an over/under line of 44.5. Give me the over at 50.5

Justification: The last five times these two teams have played the total score has eclipsed 50 points two times. Both times were at Green Bay, in fact two of the last three times at Green Bay the score has been over 50 points. The Packers defense is strong but I also think the Vikings showed they can bring a strong offense last week vs. Atlanta.

Prediction 3: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Atlanta Falcons has Phi -1.5. Give me Atlanta -4.5

Justification: I am bullish mostly on this due to how poorly Atlanta played last week vs. Minnesota. Minnesota walked all over Atlanta 28-12, I think we see a fired up Atlanta AT HOME to prove they aren’t what they showed last week. Additionally, I was not overtly impressed with the Eagles as a sum last week vs. Washington. They looked good in flashes but they also clearly struggled going into the half down 20-7 and even going into the fourth quarter up by just one point.

Prediction 4: Tennessee Titans will be a top five D/ST again this week. They are currently projected as a 15-20 team

Justification: They looked great against Cleveland last week for three turnovers and two fumbles. Some of that was Cleveland forcing the ball late but this team creates next to no penalties. Indianapolis has a solid O-Line allowing just one sack to the Chargers last week but Jacoby Brissett did fumble and I think the Titans are a better all around defense than the Chargers.

Recap of Week 1 picks....

Prediction 1: Lamar Jackson throws for a career high yards vs. Miami this week.

Result: Perhaps I should have just retired after this pick, it wasn’t that it was bold to pick a win over Miami but that he did it passing for over 1/3 more yards than he ever passed before. (Grade: A)

Prediction 2: Thursday’s game has Bears -3. Give me Packers -4.

Result: Ok so maybe I should have definitely retired after this pick. I knew the Packers defense would be much better but they came out looking like all-stars. Maybe this was due to Mitch Trubisky not being a franchise QB, time shall tell. (Grade: A)

Prediction 3: Michael Thomas is the #1 projected WR in Week 1 but he will not be a top seven WR this week.

Result: Depending on formats, he was sitting outside the top ten in the 15th – 20th. He did about what I expected, 123 yards but no touchdowns in a heart palpitating win over the Houston Texans. (Grade: A)

Prediction 4: Colts at Chargers over/under is 44.5, give me the under at 40.5

Result: Walking through this game it was at 40 points half way through the 3rd quarter and I felt terrible and then no points until a minute left in the fourth when a real poor tackle led to a touchdown a three point conversion, and then overtime. Ultimately I was close but most games have the points in the closing minutes that ruin the line. (Grade: C)

Prediction 5: Will Dissly (3% owned) is a top six TE this week.

Result: This one was real bad, he had one reception for less than 20 yards, hardly what I had in store for him. (Grade: D)

Year to Date Grades:

A Results: 3
B Results: 0
C Results: 1
D Results: 1