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Hunter Henry suffered tibia fracture Sunday against the Colts

The Los Angeles Chargers just reported that tight end Hunter Henry suffered a tibia plateau fracture in his left knee Sunday against the Colts. Henry finished that game with four catches for 60 yards.

Fantasy Impact

This is the worst. You hate to see someone’s career consistently derailed by injuries but sadly that’s the point we’ve reached with Henry. I hope he gets healthy and fully healed and can come back stronger than ever, ready to show exactly how good he can be. From a fantasy perspective, I guess another dose of Virgil Green this year? Sorry scratch that, IT’S ANTONIO GATES TIME!!!!!

Likely what it’ll be is less tight end targets and more wide receiver/running back targets. That means an increase for Mike Williams and Austin Ekeler in my book (Keenan Allen is always going to get his). I’ll be curious to see how this Chargers’ passing game looks in Week 2, just to see where these targets get distributed.