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Video: The best fantasy running backs for 2019

SB Nation’s Brett Kollmann ranks his top running backs for fantasy football.

Brett Kollmann, who writes at SB Nation’s Houston Texans site (Battle Red Blog), also does fantastic work on his YouTube channel breaking down NFL film. In his most recent video, Brett gives his fantasy football running back rankings.

I highly recommend you check it out as he not only gives his ranks but also detailed breakdown as to why he has backs where he has them. There are a lot of his picks that I totally agree with: Christian McCaffrey being an absolute beast this year, David Johnson in top 5 contention, and a little Dalvin Cook love never was a bad thing in my eyes. That being said, I still am not sold on Damien Williams being worthy of a second round pick but I understand the logic behind it.

Anyways, if you have the hour and a half to just sit back and listen, do so. You’ll become not only a better fantasy player, but also a smarter NFL fan listening to what Brett has to say.

What do you think of Brett’s rankings? Do you agree? Who do you think he’s underrating? Leave your thoughts in the comments.