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30 fantasy baseball thoughts from Week 20 of MLB action

The 2nd year Managers are all...pretty much amazing.

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

The Manager Edition!!

AL East

Baltimore Orioles: Brandon Hyde has the fewest wins of any active manager (39). Is there any hope here?

Boston Red Sox: Alex Cora has a winning percentage of 60.4%, 2nd best any active manager.

New York Yankees: Aaron Boone has a winning percentage of 63.7%, best of any active manager.

Tampa Bay Rays: Kevin Cash is the only manager with at least five years of coaching and no playoff appearance to show for it.

Toronto Blue Jays: Charlie Montoyo has the 2nd fewest wins of any active manager (51), I remember a few years ago when the Blue Jays were dominant with Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista.

AL Central

Chicago White Sox: Rick Renteria has a win percentage of 42.3%, third worst (behind Brandon Hyde and Charlie Montoyo).

Cleveland Indians: Terry Francona has the 2nd most wins of any active manager (1,646).

Detroit Tigers: Ron Gardenhire leads all active managers in ejections with 82. This is barely halfway to Bobby Cox territory.

Kansas City Royals: Ned Yost has had two seasons with a winning percentage below 40% and they are last season and the current season. During this time he had both a career 2 year low in ejections and a 2 year low in overturned calls.

Minnesota Twins: Rocco Baldelli has the 2nd fewest games coached of any active manager (120) tied with Chris Woodward.

AL West

Houston Astros: AJ Hinch has the 2nd most wins of any active manager since 2016.

Los Angeles Angels: Brad Ausmus is 0-3 in playoffs, the only active manager who has made it to the playoffs without a win.

Oakland Athletics: Bob Melvin is the only manager besides Terry Francona and Joe Maddon to coach for over 10 years and maintain a winning % above .500.

Seattle Mariners: Scott Servais is amidst his worst record in a season in the same season that his steal attempts are up almost 30% more than any previous season.

Texas Rangers: Chris Woodward has the 2nd fewest games coached of any active manager (120) tied with Rocco Baldelli.

NL East

Atlanta Braves: To me Brian Snitker is the ultimate MLB manager, a regular season winning percentage above 50%, a postseason win, over 10 ejections, he has seen his team at the top and bottom of their division, all in just four seasons.

Miami Marlins: Within his manager totals, Don Mattingly is almost exactly .500, thanks to his time with Dodgers (.551) more than his time with the Marlins (.440).

New York Mets: Mickey Callaway is behind an amazing hot streak right now sitting above .500 unlike last season. He has also doubled his ejections this season over last season.

Philadelphia Phillies: Gabe Kapler is one of seven managers to have three or fewer ejections (Alex Cora, Dave Roberts, Rocco Baldelli, Chris Woodward, Brandon Hyde and Charlie Montoyo), thinking about some previous Phillies managers this surprised me a bit.

Washington Nationals: David Martinez has a very respectively 147 wins behind fellow sophomore coaches Alex Cora (172) and Aaron Boone (181).

NL Central

Chicago Cubs: Joe Maddon has the fourth most ejections among active managers with 51 behind Gardenhire, Bochy (77) and Hurdle (63), with time comes ejections.

Cincinnati Reds: David Bell has the 3rd fewest wins of any active manager (56), he also has the fewest games coached.

Milwaukee Brewers: Craig Counsell has a 60% win percentage in the playoffs, third behind Alex Cora (78.6%) and Ned Yost (71%), impressive company to be in.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Clint Hurdle has the 3rd most wins of any active manager (1,250).

St. Louis Cardinals: Mike Shildt in his two year career has the 5th best win percentage 55.6% (behind fellow 2nd year managers Aaron Boone and Alex Cora).

NL West

Arizona Diamondbacks: The only manager who was first hired in 2017 and is still active is Torey Lovullo.

Colorado Rockies: Bud Black is the only manger with over 10 years coaching but under 1,000 loses...he’s also the only one with less than 1,000 wins.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Dave Roberts is one of 10 active managers to coach an All-Star game (Bruce Bochy, Joe Maddon, Ned Lost, Terry Francona, Clint Hurdle, AJ Hinch and Alex Cora).

San Diego Padres: Andy Green, currently in his fourth season, is eight games from being .500 in 2019, that is 12 games closer to .500 than he has been in any season in his career, the Padres have to really take off one of these seasons right....?

San Francisco Giants: Bruce Bochy has the most wins of any active manager (1986), also he has never had a tie in 25 years, how is that possible?!?