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2019 Top 100 Fantasy Football Ranks

It is never too early to start thinking about your fantasy draft.

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys
1.01 and Penny
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With the NFL Draft in the rear-view mirror, its time to put together my way-too-early fantasy cheat sheet. While ding these ranks, I keep moving guys up, dropping others, doing more research and watching more tape. I’d be happy to do that for the next 3 months (and I will), but hey, the ole editor needs something to publish. So, here we are.

Am I too low on your guy? Am I crazy for having Travis Kelce knocking on the door of the first round? Who did I completely leave out of my ranks by mistake (it happens every year)? Leave a comment or hit me up @NFLClark on Twitter, and let’s chat!

2019 Fantasy Football Ranks

Rank Name Team Position Pos Ranks Thoughts
Rank Name Team Position Pos Ranks Thoughts
1 Ezekiel Elliot Cowboys RB RB1 Zeke led the league in carries with 304, (Saquon Barkley was #2 with 261), and pulled in a career high 77 receptions. Elliot only had 9 touchdowns, though, a figure very much in line with the Cowboys overall lack of offensive TDs (the Boys finished 22nd in total offensive TDs with 35). Despite a lack-luster offense, the consistent production and steady volume we've seen from Ezekiel Elliot in his first 3 seasons makes him my top overall pick this year.
2 Christian McCaffrey Panthers RB RB2 I was a little skeptical when McCaffrey came in to the league not so much because of his diminutive size, rather Cam Newton's propensity to punch in those short goal-to-go tries. After only 7 touchdowns in his rookie campaign, McCaffrey’s usage and touchdown totals exploded. Run CMC hit pay-dirt 13 times in his sophomore season, hauling in 107 passes and rushing for 219 times. With usage and TD concerns put to bed, McCaffrey vaulted himself to best-of-the-best fantasy RB status.
3 Saquon Barkley Giants RB RB3 Saquon Barkley is so good he lived up to the completely unreasonable expectations forced on him when the Giants took him #2 overall. The only knock on Barkley is that Giants may be even worse this year. Limited scoring opportunities is the only reason I’ve got Saquon all the way down here at #3 overall.
4 Alvin Kamara Saints RB RB4 In a league flush with awe-inspiring athelets, Kamara manages to look special. While he likely won't get the volume the fellas ahead of him on this list will get, playing in the prolific Saints offense gives him almost unparelleled touchdown upside.
5 Todd Gurley Rams RB RB5 Todd Gurley is going to make a lot of people look really stupid this offseason. Either his knee injuries are finally catching up to him, or the most prolific touchdown-maker in the NFL is going to give us another 20-ish TD season. You can see (perceived) safety means a lot to me this early in drafts.
6 Melvin Gordon Chargers RB RB6 Gordon has finished 8th, 5th, and 6th in total running back points over the past 3 years, but we know season totals can be a bit deceiving. Gordon's 5th place finish last year is even more impressive when we remember that he only played in 12 games. Gordon finished 3rd in fantasy points per game (18.5 points), only trailing Kareem Hunt and Todd Gurley. With so little change for the Chargers offense, Gordon is a relatively safe, high-upside pick in the middle of the first.
7 Le'Veon Bell Jets RB RB7 My only concern with Bell is the Jets offense. Sam Darnold flashed in a few games last year, and he might take a big step forward. He might not, though. We may see the Jets continue to struggle on offense behind their shaky offensive line. Concerns around the Jets knock him down my list a bit, but my faith in Bell’s talent keeps him solidly in the first round.
8 David Johnson Cardinals RB RB8 On the worst team in football, David Johnson managed the 14th most fantasy points by a running back last year. I've a sneaking suspicion DJ might start creeping up my ranks as we're flooded with offseason stories about how great Kyler Murray looks, what a brilliant offensive mind Kliff Kingsbury has. In early best-ball drafts, DJ is going even later than I have him ranked here. He may end up the steal of the season.
9 DeAndre Hopkins Texans WR WR1 Hopkins continues to perform year-in, year-out. He's got the volume, he's got the quarterback, and most importantly, he's got te hair.
10 Mike Evans Buccaneers WR WR2 As a team, the Buccaneers were terrible. Their offense, though, was exciting. Evans rather quietly put up monster numbers, and now Bruce Arians is coming to town. We know Arians wants to chuck it deep. We know Jameis wants to chuck it deep. The only thing we don't know is exactly where in the top 3 receivers Evans will finish at the end of the year.
11 Odell Beckham Jr. Browns WR WR3 Beckham is changing teams and has only played 16 games in the past 2 seasons, that’s normally enough to scare me off of just about anyone in the first round. Odell is a not normal.
12 Davante Adams Packers WR WR4 Adams had a career year in an otherwise miserable season for the Green Bay Packers. While there is worry about recurring concussions, Aaron Rodgers’ favorite target is a great get at the end of the first, beginning of the 2nd round.
13 Travis Kelce Chiefs TE TE1 I’m ranking 3 tight ends in the premium fantasy pick range, and Kelce is the unquestioned leader of that trio. While there is some uncertainty around who will be playing wide receiver in KC, Kelce has shown consistent, top-tier production for years. Fantasy football is a week to week game, and I believe it is worth spending up to get a weekly advantage at tight end.
14 Josh Jacobs Raiders RB RB9 It wasn’t too long ago that Oakland’s offensive line was considered one of the best in the league. Going in to 2019, the Raiders’ O-line is one of the many big question marks. But in the age of running-back-by-committee, and in the John Gruden era, it feels like a pretty safe bet that Jacobs is going to 300-350 touches this year. I’ll bet on that volume for my fantasy teams.
15 Mark Ingram Jr. Ravens RB RB10 I had Ingram a little higher before the Ravens took Justice Hill in the fourth round of this year’s draft. You’ll see a I didn’t drop Ingram too far, but we’ll have to keep our ears open for glowing training camp news around the potentially electric Hill.
16 Joe Mixon Bengals RB RB11 I love Mixon's game, but several concerns keep me from pushing him higher up my board. Will Jonah Williams (pick #11 in this year’s draft) be enough to rehab a dreadful offensive line? Will new head coach Zac Taylor be the spark this talented but under-whelming offense needs? Can Mixon stay healthy (he’s played in 14 games in each of his first 2 seasons)? I’m willing to take the chance on Mixon in this range.
17 Devonta Freeman Falcons RB RB12 The Falcons dedicated a lot of resources to their offensive line in the draft. It’s clear that protecting Matt Ryan and opening up holes for Devonta Freeman were priority 1. Freeman missed most of last year with foot and groin injuries, which begs the question, is this the beginning of the end for somewhat undersized, workhorse running back? Or, was last year an anomaly for the generally healthy Freeman?
18 Nick Chubb Browns RB RB13 If the Browns hadn't mortgaged their integrity with the Kareem Hunt signing, Chubb would be one of my top 5 players. It's hard to take Chubb higher when he seems destined for a committee by the time the fantasy playoffs roll around.
19 George Kittle 49'ers TE TE2 Kittle is a fantastic consolation prize if you miss out on Kelce. A hyper-athletic tight end in the Kyle Shanahan system is a close to a can’t-miss fantasy prospect as you can get.
20 Julio Jones Falcons WR WR5 I've already moved Julio up a couple of spots, and I may end up doing that again. The only question is, has he shaken his TD allergy, or is what we saw last year a product of Devonta Freeman's injury?
21 A. J. Green Bengals WR WR6 I cannot believe I have AJ Green as the 21st player on my list. The only concern with Green is, will he make it back from last year’s injury? Sign me up for taking that risk if I can AJ this late.
22 Antonio Brown Raiders WR WR7 The offseason circus is not really a big concern for me for Brown’s fantasy value. What does worry me is that Brown is going to a new team, a team that might rival the Seahawks in their desire to run the football. A receiver as talented as Antonio Brown might well be able to overcome all that. This is about the range that I feel comfortable betting on Browns unquestionable talent.
23 Keenan Allen Chargers WR WR8 Keenan Allen is a model of consistency, even if his touchdown upside is, for whatever reason, limited.
24 T. Y. Hilton Colts WR WR9 Hilton finished his injury-riddled season as the WR11, and I’m betting on the Colts taking a big step forward on offense for 2019. Hilton may end up as one of the best 2nd-round values in fantasy.
25 Michael Thomas Saints WR WR10 Michael Thomas is making his way in to the ‘best receivers in football’ class. Playing for the Saints prolific offense is a huge plus for him in fantasy. Playing for a Saints offense notorious for spreading the ball around has capped his upside early in his career.
26 Andrew Luck Colts QB QB1 The Colts seem to have solved their biggest offensive problem by getting great play from their O-line in 2018. Going in to the offseason, the big question became, who do you have at wide receiver other than TY Hilton? Well, the Colts took a big swing at solving that problem by bringing in the big-bodied Devin Funchess and drafting Ohio State speed freak Parris Campbell. It looks like Andrew Luck is primed to lead the most productive offense in the NFL in 2019.
27 Leonard Fournette Jaguars RB RB14 If he stays healthy - If the Jags can move the ball – if he can keep his nose clean, Fournette may outperform this middle-of-the-road starter rank.
28 Sony Michel Patriots RB RB15 Rostering a Patriots running back can be maddening, but Michel showed why the Pats spent a first-round pick on him. The production will, no doubt, be up and down if the Patriots history has taught us anything. I'm willing to ride that crazy roller coaster with Michel as my RB2/Best-in-class flex.
29 James Conner Steelers RB RB16 I’m more worried about the entire Steelers offense taking a step back than I am about Conner losing touches to rookie Benny Snell.
30 Dalvin Cook Vikings RB RB17 Cook battled injury, again, in his sophomore season, and the entire Vikings offense was stuck in neutral in 2018. On a positive note, the Vikings brought in Gary Kubiak as an ‘Assistant head coach/offensive advisor’ and took several shots at shoring up their offensive line in the draft. We’ll have to pay close attention to how Cook looks this pre-season as he could be a total bust, or a real league winner.
31 Adam Thielen Vikings WR WR11 Thielen continues to produce and be underappreciated. Having said that, I'm having a hard time getting him higher in my ranks.
32 Sammy Watkins Chiefs WR WR12 Be forewarned, I tend to fall in love with players and stay in love well longer than I should. I fell in love with Watkins long ago, and I just can’t talk myself out of taking the man who may end up as the Chiefs #1 WR this year.
33 Kerryon Johnson Lions RB RB18 He looked good when he was out there as a rookie, and the Lions want to be a physical, run first team. We're starting to get well in to 'if, if, if' projection territory. If Johnson can stay healthy… baby you got a stew goin.
34 Derrius Guice Breadsticks RB RB19 I loved Guice going in to last season, and I'm counting on him coming back fully recovered from his ACL tear. That may be a little wishful thinking, but he is the kind of back you'll end up with if you take receivers or a tight end early. Adrian Peterson re-upping with Washington is a little concerning…
35 Zach Ertz Eagles TE TE3 Ertz might be the last tight end worth a valuable fantasy pick.
36 Kenny Golladay Lions WR WR13 Golladay is set to explode, if that pesky Marvin Jones doesn't get in the way.
37 Brandin Cooks Rams WR WR14 You might notice a theme with how I talk about the Rams’ fantasy options. It feels very safe to bet on good production from the NFL’s highest scoring offense. Cooks has been successful everywhere he’s played, and we have no reason to believe that trend wont continue with Cooks’ 2nd year with the Rams.
38 Amari Cooper Cowboys WR WR15 The Cowboys promoted last year’s QB coach Kellen Moore to offensive coordinator, and frankly I have no idea if that is good or bad for Cooper. Forced to guess, though, I’d figure the Cowboys continue to lean on their ‘play good D and hand it to Zeke’ approach. Do you believe Cooper is talented enough to overcome the odds stacked against him?
39 Jarvis Landry Browns WR WR16 A good offense has more than enough production to support 2 receivers as talented as Landy and Beckham Jr. The only fear here is that Landry shouldn't be the absolute target hog he's been early in his career. In general, though, betting on the Browns offense seems like a good bet going in to 2019.
40 JuJu Smith-Schuster Steelers WR WR17 This is a question we’ve seen before and a question we’ll see again: Homeboy looked great as a #2, can he be the #1? One big positive in Smith-Schuster’s favor, I’d bet nickels to pesos Ben Roethlisberger will do everything he can to make it look like moving on from Brown was the right move.
41 Hunter Henry Chargers TE TE4 Henry tore his ACL early in the 2018-pre-season, and so he'll be a full year removed from that injury well before the 2019 season kicks off. While there is always risk with a player coming back from such a serious injury, we may get a nice discount as people forget about Henry's promise of becoming the next big thing in a league bereft of fantasy caliber starting tight ends. This is the last tight end worth spending any real draft capital on.
42 Sterling Shepard Giants WR WR18 The Giants offense isn’t looking too inspiring, and we have another former #2 looking to play the #1 role.
43 Chris Godwin Buccaneers WR WR19 Adam Humphries has gone to Tennessee to fade in to fantasy oblivion, and so the runway is clear for Godwin's ascent to fantasy stardom.
44 Robby Anderson Jets WR WR20 Anderson proved his mettle as a deep threat, can Darnold turn him in to a consistent producer?
45 Latavius Murray Saints RB RB20 Murray isn't as dynamic as Mark Ingram, but Murray is talented enough to take advantage of that awesome touchdown upside in New Orleans.
46 Marlon Mack Colts RB RB21 Somebody in the Colts backfield is going to end up ranked a lot higher than what we see here with Mack. For now, I'm happy to take Mack in this end-of-the-fourth range.
47 Phillip Lindsay Broncos RB RB22 Lindsay had an amazing run on an otherwise dreadful Broncos offense last year, and he's expected to make a full recovery from the wrist injury that cut his season a little short. The concern here is twofold: are you worried we might see front office pressure to get the 2nd year 3rd round pick Royce Freeman more playing time, and do you think Lindsay’s size will translate to poor durability? The reward is worth the risk here.
48 Lamar Miller Texans RB RB23 Miller has proven consistently middle-of-the-pack even in a fairly explosive Texans offense. He's not a very exciting pick, and we'll have to keep our ears open during training camp to see if D'Onta Foreman slides in to that #1 role.
49 Derrick Henry Titans RB RB24 I don’t want to hang my fantasy hopes on anyone on the Titans, and I might have to move Henry down a little bit in my ranks as the off-season moves on. Henry is expected to be the bell-cow in Tennessee, at least for now, and so you have to respect the volume potential here.
50 Aaron Jones Packers RB RB25 If we get some definitive news on who might get the lion's share of carries in Green Bay, they'll be ranked higher where I have Jones at the moment.
51 Carlos Hyde Chiefs RB RB26 Andy Reid's former affinity for Spencer Ware is making me lean toward Carlos Hyde as the Chiefs front-runner, off-season rb1. The more explosive, more familiar Damien Williams may eventually get the nod, but I’ve got a feeling this backfield isn’t quite as settled as it’s made out to be.
52 Stefon Diggs Vikings WR WR21 Diggs went over the 1,000-yard mark for the first time in his career in 2018. That he did that for a Vikings offense that really struggled to get going is even more impressive. I may be a little too low on Diggs…
53 Julian Edelman Patriots WR WR22 Edelman is the last man standing in the Patriots receiving room, at least from a fantasy perspective. In a PPR format, I'll have Edelman much higher, but worries about his touchdown upside are holding him down in my ranks just a bit.
54 Robert Woods Rams WR WR23 Woods broke out in 2018, putting up 1,200 yards and 7 total touchdowns (1 rushing TD), and I have a sneaking suspicion he may be flying under the radar a bit. Not to sound like a broken record, but… I may be a little low on Woods.
55 DeSean Jackson Eagles WR WR24 I'm really excited about Jackson playing with Carson Wentz. Wentz has a great deep ball, and he always seems to be looking to use it. After going back and watching a little tape from 2018, I'm confident Jackson's lack of production in Tampa Bay was primarily a Jameis Winston problem, not a DeSean Jackson problem.
56 Calvin Ridley Falcons WR WR25 Ridley's rookie campaign, overall, was a smashing success. We have to be cautious looking at the end of year stats as fantasy drafters, though. Ridley was wildly inconsistent as a fantasy option, putting up several great games and several stinkers. His talent and his situation have to be tempered by his place in the pecking order, especially with Devonta Freeman coming back from injury.
57 Devin Funchess Colts WR WR26 Funchess could surprise a lot of his doubters this year in Indy, and he's one of many factors making the Colts my top offense to target this year. Funchess has had a pretty good start to his NFL career considering his age and that Cam Newton is not exactly a polished passer. Funchess will give the Colts a big bodied target on the outside of an already explosive offense.
58 Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals WR WR27 Larry Fitzgerald has been so good for so long, and he’s been perennially overlooked in the past few years in Fantasy. If the Cardinals offense can take even a small step forward, we’ll get another solid season out of one of the best to ever do it.
59 Tyler Lockett Seahawks WR WR28 Lockett came up just short of 1,000 yards receiving but cashed in on 10 touchdowns. He stayed healthy all year, playing all 16 regular season games. With Doug Baldwin’s career in jeopardy due to injuries, Lockett should have plenty of opportunity even if the Seahawks want to #EstablishTheRun.
60 D. J. Moore Panthers WR WR29 Moore had a nice rookie campaign, and the Panthers are likely to lean on him more heavily now that Devin Funchess has left town. I wouldn't call him a polished product, but Moore is tough, fast, and explosive. We're entering boom-bust territory with our receivers at this point in fantasy drafts, and Moore could really go either way.
61 John Brown Bills WR WR30 I feel obliged to put out this disclaimer: I fell in love with John Brown a long time ago, and that love has never faded. I'm excited to see Brown play with Josh Allen. Allen has his flaws, but he has a nice deep ball. If Brown and Allen can get something going early, Brown might turn in to a league winner.
62 Aaron Rodgers Packers QB QB2 Going out on a rather thick branch here, but I still believe Rodgers is not only one of the best QBs in the league, but worth spending some nice draft capital on.
63 Patrick Mahomes II Chiefs QB QB3 As Garth once said; "We fear change", and there has been a good bit of change in Kansas City. Odds are, I'm going to miss out on getting Mahomes on any of my fantasy teams as I'd be surprised if he makes it out of the 2nd round in anything other than an 'industry experts' draft.
64 Kenny Stills Dolphins WR WR31 Stills is a pretty good NFL wide receiver who is a little maddening to own in fantasy. He'll likely give you a few big weeks while on your bench. It is tough to guess what the Dolphins will look like with Josh Rosen under center and with a new coaching staff, but Stills is the best receiver on the roster.
65 Will Fuller Texans WR WR32 …If he can stay healthy.
66 Cooper Kupp Rams WR WR33 Kupp is going to jump up at least 10 spots if we see him running around, fully recovered from his season-ending ACL tear when the pre-season rolls around.
67 Marvin Jones Lions WR WR34 Marvin Jones just keeps getting better and better as the Lions offense keeps getting worse and worse.
68 Golden Tate Giants WR WR35 Tate is perennially undervalued, and now he's going to the New York Saquon Barkleys. This is a tough rank, but a good guy to take a shot on late in your drafts.
69 Marquise Goodwin 49'ers WR WR36 Somebody not named George Kittle has to catch passes for the Niners. Right?
70 Miles Sanders Eagles RB RB27 If we start reading a lot of stories about Sanders as a do-it-all back in Philly, he may slide up to the 3rd, 4th round.
71 Matt Breida 49'ers RB RB28 There is a whole lot of shoulder shrugging going on as I try to fit 49'ers players in to these ranks. What should be one of the most coveted fantasy backfields has turned in to a depressing mess (again, from a fantasy perspective). Perhaps we'll get a little more clarity on who's the back to target in San Francisco as the season approaches.
72 Kenyan Drake Dolphins RB RB29 He might be the starting running back for the Dolphins. We like starting running backs, yah?
73 Tarik Cohen Bears RB RB30 Love the talent, but it’s hard to count on Cohen week to week. He's a high-upside spot starter.
74 Peyton Barber Buccaneers RB RB31 He might be the starting running back for the Buccaneers. We like starting running backs, yah?
75 James White Patriots RB RB32 Guessing at the Patriots backfield usage has become one of the more consistent fantasy football memes of the past decade. I'd bet a car payment that White will end up with impressive end-of-the-year numbers, but I'd be weary of betting a lunch on his week to week production.
76 Dion Lewis Titans RB RB33 I'll go to my death-bed screaming 'DION LEWIS IS BETTER THAN DERRICK HENRY', and so you'll probably see me flip the Titans running backs the first time someone holds my feet to the fire.
77 Nyheim Hines Colts RB RB34 I love Nyheim Hines' game, and he may very well end up the back to own in Indy. Hines is a guy I want on all my season-long rosters, just in case.
78 Baker Mayfield Browns QB QB4 I feel like this is another rank which just ensures I'll not have any shares of this guy on my teams this year, but man it is exciting to think what Mayfield might be able to pull off in his 2nd year… with Odell Beckham Jr, Jarvis Landry, David Njoku, Nick Chubb... damnit, go Browns!
79 Matt Ryan Falcons QB QB5 It's not very exciting, but the Falcons score a lot of points with Ryan at the helm.
80 Deshaun Watson Texans QB QB6 I'd like to pat myself on the back, as a Texans fan, for showing all this restraint with my Deshaun Watson rank. The only question for Watson is, will get beaten to a pulp behind the Texans despicable offensive line?
81 Russell Wilson Seahawks QB QB7 Despite his sagging rushing production and questionable social media decisions, Wilson is great lead-man in a QB-by-committee approach.
82 Carson Wentz Eagles QB QB8 Wentz has had some terrible injury luck, but he has looked great otherwise. I'm going to keep the faith with him for one more year.
83 Cam Newton Panthers QB QB9 Cam's age is starting to catch up to him. He'll either continue to run the ball and hurt himself or rely more on his arm for production. I'm not real excited about either of those prospects.
84 Mike Williams Chargers WR WR37 William's 10 TD effort is going to be hard to reproduce with Hunter Henry in town, but we saw Williams put together a nice bounce-back year after struggling to get going in his rookie year. I think Williams will be a nice spot-starter for fantasy owners this year.
85 Evan Engram Giants TE TE5 If you walk away from your draft without a tight end by this point, you’re asking for trouble.
86 LeSean McCoy Bills RB RB35 As much as a I hate to say it… I probably need to move him up my board.
87 D'Onta Foreman Texans RB RB36 This is a complete hedge on Lamar Miller. Foreman flashed a little before tearing his achilles, and it wouldn't take much for him to beat out the perennial middle-of-the-road Lamar Miller.
88 Royce Freeman Broncos RB RB37 The Broncos invested a 3rd round pick in Freeman, but Phillip Lindsay stole the show last year. We might end up with a frustrating fantasy backfield, but Freeman is worth a stash.
89 Jared Cook Saints TE TE6 Don't get too excited about Cook going to New Orleans, but If you miss out on the top 5 TEs, you could do worse than going to Jared.
90 Jack Doyle Colts TE TE7 Luck and Doyle have been muy simpatico, but Ebron showed he's no slouch in 2018. The Colts tight end situation seems likely to turn in to a big mess… I might just need to move Doyle out of my top 100.
91 Kyle Rudolph Vikings TE TE8 This is why you should draft a tight end early.
92 Rashaad Penny Seahawks RB RB38 Keeping with the 'they drafted him high' narrative, Penny is worth taking a shot on to lead the Seahawks rushing attack. This is another backfield we'll want to watch closely as the season approaches.
93 Tre'Quan Smith Saints WR WR38 The sheer volume of opportunity in New Orleans make nearly anyone with a pulse an attractive fantasy flier. Smith is a dynamic athlete, and we should know relatively early if we'll see a breakout or simply a repeat of his rookie campaign.
94 Geronimo Allison Packers WR WR39 Allison is the #2 in Green Bay… maybe. I think… Right? Well, whoever is the #2, we'll save this spot for them.
95 Damien Williams Chiefs RB RB38 I could be wrong about Andy Reid's secret passion for Carlos Hyde. If so, Williams is likely a 2nd-3rd round pick.
96 David Montgomery Bears RB RB39 If you can crack the Bears running back code, you'll get a quality (but not spectacular) week-in-week-out starter. Jordan Howard showed us that.
97 T. J. Yeldon Bills RB RB40 Yeldon usurping McCoy as the starter in Buffalo would make the Bills a whole lot easier to root for.
98 Alshon Jeffery Eagles WR WR40 We saw wildly inconsistent production from Jeffrey last year, and we have no reason to believe that will change this year.
99 Mecole Hardman Chiefs WR WR41 It’s tough to put too much faith in a rookie wide-out, but assuming Tyreek Hill is suspended, Hardman might be a bargain.
100 Marquise Brown Ravens WR WR42 I'm already not looking forward to this guy's nic-name getting completely worn out. Fella can ball, though.
101 Jamison Crowder Jets WR WR43 A great talent with injury history going to a new team with a 2nd year QB and a new head coach. Good luck!
102 David Njoku Browns TE TE9 Absolute beast of a player, and a 'why not' piece of a rotation at tight end if you miss on the big 5.
103 Josh Allen Bills QB QB10 Rushing quarterbacks score a ton of points. If you've waited on QB, let Allen head your committee.
104 Jameis Winston Buccaneers QB QB11 I try not to let my personal feelings about players corrupt my fantasy ranks, but I'm not always successful.
105 Drew Brees Saints QB QB12 The no-doubt hall of famer is no longer the fantasy stud he used to be. But, Brees can still be a very useful piece of a QB committee.
106 Keke Coutee Texans WR WR44 Coutee flashed in spots in his rookie season, but he was hamstrung by nagging injuries. Coutee is another 'don't walk away without him' target of mine this year.
107 Parris Campbell Colts WR WR45 Electric speed and an excellent QB make this rookie pick intriguing.
108 Alexander Mattison Vikings RB RB41 Any running back in a Gary Kubiak offense will have tremendous value. I'm not normally a big fan of handcuffing, but I will not walk away from the draft without Mattison if I draft Cook.
Never too early ranks! Clark Barnes