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30 Fantasy baseball thoughts from Week 3 of MLB action

No one loves the Rangers pitching...

Getty Images/USA Today/Pete Rogers Illustrations

AL East

Baltimore Orioles: Currently allowing the most HR/9 at 2.72. Is anyone surprised?

Boston Red Sox: Three of the last four World Series winners are in last place in their divisions.

New York Yankees: Brett Gardner leads the league in lowest swing strike rate. No-one gives this guy any respect anymore.

Tampa Bay Rays: It started with Blake Snells 11k, 1ER, 6IP on Tuesday, then Tyler Glasnow had an 11k, 0ER, 6IP game today, and while this all happened Austin Meadows had 8 RBIs, 4runs and 2 HR.

Toronto Blue Jays: What do you take more solace in, the fact that you are ahead of Boston in the Standings or the fact that Vlad Guerrero Jr. is sitting in AAA ready to come up any day now?

AL Central

Chicago White Sox: Lowest pitching LOB% at 61.5%. Rough look for Chicago right now and a reason to maybe be bullish on their future.

Cleveland Indians: Leading the league in K/9 at 11.72 what else is new with this?

Detroit Tigers: Shane Greene is doing his best to prove my doubt of his skills wrong. 4 IP, 4 saves, 0 ER and 0.50 WHIP this week.

Kansas City Royals: Kansas City is 2-10 including 10 straight loses, remember when they won a World Series just 4 years ago?

Minnesota Twins: Jorge Polanco wanted in on the Adalberto Mondesi fun as Jorge is now tied with three triples.

AL West

Houston Astros: Lead the league in grounding into double plays which to me has a degree of luck in it.

Los Angeles Angels: Cody Allen is doing his best to prove me right going 3 for 3 on saves with 0 ER and a 0 WHIP.

Oakland Athletics: Jurickson Profar has 8 RBIs. Five of those eight were scored in one game on Tuesday. Streaky comes to mind.

Seattle Mariners: Dan Vogelbach (57% owned) was the best 1B this past week with six runs, 4HR, nine RBI and a .409avg. Not sustainable but there is some serious talent here.

Texas Rangers Texas Rangers have one pitcher owned in more than 40% of leagues (Jose Leclerc).

NL East

Atlanta Braves: Ozzie Albies, 7 years $35MM, Braves looking to lock in this young talented squad now.

Miami Marlins: Only had two batters above a .200avg this week. I’m hoping for a more optimistic Marlins stat one of these weeks.

New York Mets: Brandon Nimmo leads the league with 21 strikeouts at a 46.7k rate.

Philadelphia Phillies: Maikel Franco is leading the league in soft contact and shots to the opposite field.

Washington Nationals: Anthony Rendon with nine runs and nine RBIs this week.

NL Central

Chicago Cubs: Fall under the - three of the last four MLB World Series winners who are last in the division.

Cincinnati Reds: Jose Peraza leads the league in swing % at 66%. This includes swinging at 54% of pitches outside the strike zone.

Milwaukee Brewers: Yasmani Grandal leads all catchers over the last week with seven runs, three HR and 4 RBIs.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Lowest pitching average at .185 avg. This will likely carry them a bit.

St. Louis Cardinals: Kolten Wong, who I mentioned regressing last week has been benefiting under newer manager Mike Schildt so in deeper leagues buy low if he does regress and an owner is about to shed low.

NL West

Arizona Diamondbacks: Nick Ahmed has six runs and a .444 avg over the last week.

Colorado Rockies: Currently 0-5 at home. Take about a home field disadvantage.

Los Angeles Dodgers: No longer lead the league in HR but they do lead in walks, patient approach wins in the long run.

San Diego Padres: Everyone one of San Diego’s outfielders had a home run and batted .250 avg or above this week.

San Francisco Giants: Somehow Kevin Pillar had five Runs, two HR, nine RBIs, two SB and yet batted just .227 avg.