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The final *final* week of fantasy basketball

Some notes and players to add the last week of fantasy basketball.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Many of you are finishing up your fantasy basketball seasons with the championship this week. For those of you who are in leagues who also play next week, April 1st to 7th, here are some useful bits of info for the final Final week. Good luck!

  • Six teams only have three games next week: Chicago, the Clippers, Memphis, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, and Washington. EVERYONE ELSE has four games. It mayhap behoove y’all to focus on the teams with more games, especially since Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, and Washington could be resting their stars down the stretch.
  • However, BE AWARE: Tuesday, April 2nd, only has four games, and OKC is one of them. If you’re streaming, you may want to hold onto Thunder players for Tuesday.
  • Thursday, April 4th, only has THREE GAMES: the Bucks at the Sixers (if the playoff seeding is set in stone, both teams may rest their starters, FYI); the Cavaliers at the Kings; and, the Warriors at the Lakers. Again, if the playoff seeding is set in stone in the West, then perhaps starters will sit in the Dubs at LeBron (of course, LeBron may want to play and kick the Warriors’ ass since he won’t be able to in the playoffs, but who knows, dude’s still injured so he should shut it down, anyway).
  • Saturday, April 6th, only has TWO GAMES: the Nets at the Bucks, and the Sixers at the Bulls. The Nets will probably be fighting for playoff seeding until the season’s final game, so Nets players may be the safest bet of the four teams. Regardless, be very aware that these are the only options for the penultimate day of the fantasy season.
  • Everyone plays on Sunday, April 7th, EXCEPT FOR CHICAGO AND PHILADELPHIA.
  • The Wizards play the Knicks on Sunday. This will probably be an atrocious, possibly fun, game, but I think these teams are interesting because I think the Knicks are a possible destination for Bradley Beal. A) I don’t think the Wizards will give him a supermax, B) I don’t think the Knicks master plan, whatever it is, will work out, and C) Beal would be a perfectly acceptable player to trade for and sign to bigass money. DSJ, Beal, Knox, and Mitch Rob will form the core of the future Knicks, with mmmmmmmmaybe Kevin Love?

All of the players below are available in at least 40% of ESPN leagues:

Dwight Powell, PF/C, DAL — Has been a top 30 player over the past two weeks, and he’s available in over 40% of ESPN leagues. He’s averaging 13 and 8 over that span, with a few assists and blocks and free throws, and 30 minutes per game.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG, LAL — Has been top 50 over the past two weeks, averaging 16 PPG, 4+ rebounds, 1+ assists, 1+ steals, and 3+ 3PM per game. The Lakers are now Rondo, KCP, Kuzma, and JaVale (and, LeBron when he plays). Plan accordingly.

Bam Adebayo, C, MIA — Is also in the top 50 over the past few weeks, averaging a double-double with four assists, and he isn’t even playing 30 MPG.

Dewayne Dedmon, C, ATL — Is also averaging a dub-dub over the past two weeks, but he gives you threes, as well (38 3PT% this season).

Evan Fournier, SG/SF, ORL — Is averaging 17 PPG, 3+ RPG, 4 APG, a steal, and a few threes per game in that time span. That’s useful no matter what, and Orlando looks hummin’ right now. I’m not usually a Fournier fan, but production is production and the Magic seem intent on making the playoffs.

Miles Bridges, SF, CHA — Is giving you a little bit of production everywhere, but it’s unclear how much Charlotte will ride him if their playoff hopes dwindle. He’s only 15% owned, and he could be an absolute monster within the next two seasons, so this is also a suggestion to pick him up in dynasty leagues as a keeper for the future.

Wayne Ellington, SG, DET — Has been a top 100 player the past two weeks, but his scoring is very up and down. He can get hot and give you 7 threes, or he can be cold and give you under 10 points. If you’re desperate for shooting or 3PM, keep him in mind.

Ed Davis, C, BK — Is just a dude you stream for boards. If you need rebounds, give him a close look. He probably won’t give you anything else, but he’ll definitely give you boards. And, remember: the Nets are one of only four teams playing on Saturday, April 6th. By picking up Davis for yourself, you’re also keeping him away from your opponent. Minutes will be dear on 4/6, so Davis is arguably super valuable. He’s an addition for you, AND a subtraction for your foe.