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NFL offseason wish list: Tennessee Titans

Why Trent Dilfer might be just what the doctor ordered.

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Welcome to our fantasy football wish lists where we’re going through each NFL team and listing three things we’d love to see them do this offseason for fantasy reasons (but also real football reasons).

The Titans have gone 9-7 in each of their last 3 seasons. That consistency is unfortunately reflective of a team that has played ok but is squarely not on the ‘real contenders’ list. Tennessee has gone 11 seasons without winning their division, but if the football Gods grant the Titans these 3 wishes, there may indeed be a new AFC South Champ in 2019.

Take a Dil Pill, bro

Marcus Mariota will need to do his best turn-of-the-millennia Trent Dilfer impersonation if the Titans want to end their division-title drought. Mariota has been a perennial fantasy-tease, and it’s time for fantasy drafters to give up on MariGOATa. Mariota is good enough to win with a run first and play defense squad, but he’s not a go-out-there-and-win-it QB just yet.

DnD no longer just for nerds!

Tennessee will have to get both late-season-Derrick Henry and early-season-Dion Lewis to show up for all 16 games in 2019. If the Titans want to break through in the AFC South, these two backs will have to do a fairly convincing Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram impersonations.


The Titans already relied on their defense to carry the team in Mike Vrabel’s first season as head coach. It’s hard to ask a defense that finished third in points allowed to take a step forward, but leap to the top of a division that is no longer one of the weakest in football, the Titans D will have to ball out again.