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RB1 Fantasy Football Podcast: Recapping free agent frenzy + what teams we want to see win a Super Bowl

The guys talk fantasy impact of Le’Veon Bell, Golden Tate and other big name free agents plus share the team they most want to see win a Super Bowl.


Clark, Jordan and Nic open the show planning their coup to overthrow Pete since he’s too busy making good life decisions to host this week (0:30). In NFL free agency, Le’Veon Bell is now a Jet (1:55), Golden Tate replaced Odell Beckham Jr. (7:25), Fitzmagic is taking his talents to South Beach (13:30), plus a couple underrated signings that still have fantasy value (22:40). The guys then each share the one team they want to see win a Super Bowl (32:25) and follow it up with a little breaking news (40:00).

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