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Who is playing in the first ever Fake Teams and Friends Fantasy Baseball Draft?

A list of this year’s combatants. It’s going down.

Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

We are so close to the season starting! Before the Japan Opening Series goes off, we HAVE to get our inaugural Fake Teams and Friends fantasy baseball draft in the books. The draft goes down on Tuesday night at 830pm ET, and you can follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #FTF2019.

We are following TGFBI format, except the second catcher slot has been changed to a second UTIL spot. All God’s people said “amen.” Up for grabs is a cool $300, with $200 going to the winner and $100 going to the runner-up. Everyone else gets left out in the cold. Not a place you want to be, not since #winteriscoming. Here are the specs:

ROSTERS (30 Players): 1 Catcher, 1 First Baseman, 1 Second Baseman, 1 Shortstop, 1 Third Baseman, 1 Corner Infielder, 1 Middle Infielder, 5 Outfielders, 2 Utility Hitters, 9 Pitchers, and 7 Bench Players

SCORING: Rotisserie, 5x5. (Runs, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, WHIP, Wins, Strikeouts, ERA, Saves)

Fake Teams Combatants:

Heath Capps - I humbly provide some MLB edits around this place.

Joe Gentile - Resident sleeper aficionado. Joe tells me he may draft his All-Sleeper team, ADP be darned. Fireworks are sure to ensue.

Ghoji Blackburn - He’s active in the Slack chat, now we just gotta get him back on the Double Switch pod and/or posting on the site! Share that goodness with the world, Ghoji!

Mark Abell - Our bold predictions guru. But will he draft that way?

Natty Wallach - He chips in with basketball and baseball duties here at Fake Teams. Thankfully, he might have too many leagues to manage already, hopefully this one will get away from him!

Pete Rogers - Resident top-dog editor and NFL scribe. Pete will be making his first foray into fantasy baseball, from what I understand. Or maybe he’s been secretly gobbling up all of our content for two years now and is ready for the big-time. We shall see.

Garrett Atkins aka “Punk is Dead - He gave you his targets at every position, and chips in with our version of the Roto Report during the MLB season.

Zack Waxman - Last (from the dot com) but certainly not least. Zack is the resident prospects guru here at Fake Teams. I am certain he will be a force to be reckoned with.

Combatants from other sites:

Matt Williams - Matt the Bat chips in here at Fake Teams at times, but he primarily toils around at FF Statistics, where he is Head of Content/Managing Editor. He does a ton of other things, too, just go check it out on Twitter.

Mike Kurland - Creator and host of the Bases Loaded podcast, a fantasy baseball pod for the Fantasy Sports Gaming Network. Mike is actually doing an auction draft at the same time our snake draft goes down...he’s a true degenerate! But I know he’ll be an active manager, so he gets the nod.

Brian Entrekin - Brian runs his own podcast, “Benched with Bubba.” It is one that yours truly has even appeared on in the past (he was hard-pressed for content that one night). Anyway, it’s an awesome and informative pod with great guests, and is one I listen to regularly. You should check it out!


Daniel Bunch - Heath’s fantasy bash brother from way back. We’ve been pounding on our hometown league for a decade. Watch out for him, he’s toolsy.

Gus Brand - Heath’s future fantasy bash brother. He’s relatively new to the hometown league, but has all the chops of “Bunch” and I couldn’t leave him out of the festivities.

“Felsenraster” - Longtime commenter here at Fake Teams. Hopefully he stays awake long enough to get his guys!

Shaun Capps - Heath’s kid brother Shaun has a well-known affinity for power bats. He’s been known to ignore most other stats. Given the dearth of speed in the MLB, maybe this year is his year? Or will this tiger change/alter his stripes?

And that’s it for this year’s inaugural 15. It’s a really nice group, and there should be plenty of craziness. Be sure to follow along on the Twittersphere tomorrow night. We’ll be hashtagging it with #FTF2019 and tweeting out from the Fake Teams account. See you there!